Traditional Catholic Year Of The Lord 2015

What a great opportunity for us traditional Catholics to begin this New Year 2015 with great plans to pray, suffer and work the reign of Jesus Christ as King of our hearts, the Catholic Church, Religion, Governments and society.

2015-Catholic-Art-CalendarJesus the Word created us and everything we have, family, friends, land, animals, water, food and love.   Jesus also purchased every human being from the devil, death and damnation by His death on the Cross.  Every person owes Him total obedience.

christ-the-kingIn order to do this we need to;

  1. Have great faith and confidence in God’s power “who made Heaven and Earth.
  2. Know that we have been entrusted with this mission by God to save souls.
  3. Get Mary, the Angels, St. Joseph and all the saints to help us with all that we will do.
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  4. Pray and Plan. Plan and pray more.  Pray to know how to plan and live 2015 well.
  5. All traditional Catholics work together; Diocesan, Society of St. Pius X and Sedevacantist.
  6. Find like minded people and friends to love and work together so we are not alone.
  7. Discipline ourselves.
  8. Get going and start acting.
  9. Get rid of all fear that restricts us.
  10. Stop being lazy and wasting time.

Eucharistic King_FSSP RomeWe know that:

  1. God will help us.
  2. We will be persecuted.
  3. We will be ostracized from our parishes, family and friends.
  4. We will suffer.
  5. We will be successful in helping Jesus’ Church in very dark time in her history.

We want to enter into this new year with great joy and expectation to see God do miracles.  God is capable of great great things.
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We do not want to be:

  1. Discouraged.
  2. Sad.
  3. Depressed.
  4. Uncharitable.
  5. Hyper Critical.
  6. Complainers.

Let us do everything with faith, hope and love.
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 We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and have the grace of these great theological virtues.  But in order for them to be effective in our New Year, we need to be absolutely sure to set prayer time into everyday of 2015.  Start today and pray before the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Rosary.

christ-priest-000We priests need to:

  1. Offer the Holy Latin Mass with great devotion and attention.
  2. Pray our Breviary with attention.
  3. Have quiet time with Jesus alone in the Blessed Sacrament.
  4. Pray the Holy Rosary with love for Our Mother Mary.
  5. Teach others how to pray.

priest image viiTogether with God, Mary, the Angels and Saints, we are going to have great New Year 2015.