Traditional Catholics; Prepare Well For 2015

We are ending another year.  As all of you know, it flew by.  That means it was here and gone before we knew it.  I like the number 2015.  It has been that many years since Jesus was born.  And we can look at human history through the eyes of God, as He brought in a new way of life for those who believe in His Son Jesus.

2015-Catholic-Art-CalendarTo prepare well for a good 2015 we need to do a few things:

  1. Go over last year and see the victories and the failures we have had personally, church wise and government wise.
  2. We especially want to acknowledge our falls, sins and laziness that held us back from loving and serving God above all things.
  3. We want to evaluate our use of time; where we used it well and where we placed our time and energy in areas that did not bear fruit.
  4. Confront things we did not do because of fear of failure, lack of faith or what other would think of us.

2015I will explore more how we can prepare to use well the gift we will receive from God, 2015 in the following blogs.  This is a great opportunity to use our life, (what is left of it) and to live a holier, healthier and happier year.  Of course it will depend on God being the center of our lives and time.