Tiny Baby Jesus And A Cross Tumble The Roman Empire

In the year 0 when the tiny baby Jesus was born, Caesar Augustus was the Emperor of the Roman Empire.  This empire was powerful, sophisticated and extended over much of the world.  300 years later, this baby, and the cross He died on, would conquer it.

Baby JesusI am always amazed how Jesus, the Word who had created all things, was not welcomed to be born in any castle, mansion or home.  Mary had to give Him birth in a sub-human condition, an animals cave.   What is wrong with us human beings?

away in a mangerOther than the shepherds, the Magi, King Herod (and the people in Jerusalem that he asked about the birth of the Messiah), this baby’s birth was hardly noticed.

Arrest of Christ_ALTDORFER, AlbrechtWhen Jesus was arrested by the Jews and brought before Pontius Pilate, he asked Jesus if He was a king.  The powerful Roman Governor asking a humble bound Jesus if He was a king.
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 Little did he know that 300 years later, his government would become Catholic.

passion -eccehomoFor us traditional Catholics who are bound canonically and brought before the pope, (Franciscan Friars and Sisters of The Immaculate), cardinals, bishops and priests’ committees, need to remember the power hidden in the tiny baby Jesus who said: “I am the Way the Truth and the Life”.

  1. The only Way to eternity with God in heaven after our suffering for a short time here.  The Way to be free from the devil and his demons.  The Way to freedom from the evil this world wants to impose on us.  The Way to freedom from what others think of us.  The Way to have love, peace and hope in spite of difficulties all around us.  The Way to live for salvation of souls and not to be afraid stop speaking the truth about Catholic tradition and morals, even it this will mean persecution and calumnies.
  2. The Truth that God has revealed to us through Jesus’ words, memorized by the Apostles and written down in the Bible.  The Truth reflected in the lives of the saints. The Truth that will set you free.
  3. Eternal and temporal Life comes from Jesus.  He has given us this Life to serve Him and to be happy with Him forever in the next Life.
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     This life is so so short.  His Life is forever.

As bleak as everything appears today for us traditional Catholics, we need to go back 2014 years ago and see that things were just the same.  On a dark night of the year and in a dark time of human history, a tiny poor baby was born.

Nativity_DUCCIO di BuoninsegnaThe devil’s son, King Herod, immediately attempted to snuff out God’s great plan of salvation for humanity by trying to slaughter this tiny baby Jesus.  But it did not happen. It wasn’t till 33 years later that Jesus decided to let the Jews and Romans torture Him to death on the cross.

194_03_VisionConstantineThe scientific and archeological facts are everywhere that remind us, 300 years later, Constantine would win the Battle of the Milvian Bridge after obeying the orders of Jesus who appear to him and told him to put that cross, which the Romans used to kill Him, on all his arms and to conquer in its name.  After his victory, he passed laws so that Catholics could practice their faith without persecution.  It was not long after this that the Roman Empire began to become the Roman Catholic Empire.

ick1It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic and to remember the power hidden in the humble Jesus Christ who started the Catholic Church and the Sign of The Cross.