Traditional Catholics Pray, Fast And Abstain On Christmas Eve

With all the joy of the coming spiritual celebration of the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ, many people begin to party today.  Jesus was born at midnight, December 25th.  So to prepare our hearts and souls for this Solemn Feast, we traditional Catholics continue the penitential aspect of Advent right up to Midnight Latin Mass, 12 pm Christmas eve.

St.-John-the-BaptistSt. John the Baptist came preaching a baptism for repentance of sins to prepare for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  So on Christmas eve we keep a day of prayer, eat only two small meals and one ordinary size, and absolutely no meat to prepare for the King.

IMG_3413If you have kept Advent in an attitude of prayer, self restraint and quiet, the Octave of Christmas will have its own powerful effect of Love, Joy and Peace in your life.

mystery-rosary3The twelve days, (Dec 25 to Jan 6), of Christmas are very much Traditional Catholic too.

Pray, abstain and fast for the our own conversion and that of the Church and the world.
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 Then relax and enjoy the 12 days of Christmas.