Traditional Catholic Christmas Love And Joy

As we await to celebrate Jesus’ 2014 birthday, we pray, slow down and take quiet time to enter into the mystery of God taking on flesh and being seen in human form.  IMG_3410Empty Manger Reminds Us To Wait, Repent and Get Ready For Jesus’ Second Coming

It is time to put on some Christmas Sacred music, like found on Pandora or Classical music stations at this time of the year.

The_Christmas_MassYou will be surprised to actually hear traditional Catholic music and the word JESUS in songs that are on secular radio.  This happens usually only once a year, so enjoy it.  I rarely listen to classical or religious music because I am usually too busy working or praying.  But I am listening to sacred Christmas music on Pandora as I write this blog.

Pandora is an App that I think is free if you are willing to hear the adds every very so often, not too often.  You can find the kind of music you want, hopefully Gregorian Chant or other classical music.

Here are a few that friends have selected for me that are available to listen to 24/7.

  1. Gregorian Chant Radio
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach Radio
  3. Christmas Radio
  4. Saint Olaf Choir Radio
  5. Exultate Deo, Motet For S…
  6. Schola Antiqua Radio
  7. Benedictine Monks of San…

I am not a techy, but I heard you can find anything you want to listen to any time on Pandora.

Today take time to plan what Holy Latin Mass you are going to go to and go early to sit up close to God.  Read the readings from you Missal so you are familiar with them and receive more from the homily.  Invite family and friends to come with you.

Christmas_St Francis de Sales Oratory_St LouisChristmas Eve is a day of fasting and abstinence.  One full meal, two small meals and NO meat.

Avoid all shopping these few day that are left to spiritually prepare for the whole Christmas Octave.  Remember there are 8 days of solemnity.  Try to go to Latin Mass all 8 days.
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If you have not made it to confession yet, please go before Christmas comes by surprise, and you have not cleaned you soul for Jesus to come and be born in.

And let us show a lot of Christ like LOVE and JOY to all those we come in contact with.
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 People, in general are in a good mood this time of the year.  It just takes a little effort on our parts to get them to open to some love an joy at this wonderful time of the year.

I was walking down Central Ave and listening to this beautiful Christmas music.  I began waving to all the cars going by.  They all responded with joy.  It does help to be in a traditional Catholic Cassock.