Synod On The Family 2015 Survey

POPE MEETS WITH WORLD'S CARDINALS IN SYNOD HALL AT VATICANAgain the progressives are pushing for “sacramental pastoral practices for un-repented sinners in the new survey to prepare for the Extraordinary Bishops Synod on the Family.

Number 38 is: “Sacramental pastoral practice with regard to the divorced and remarried requires further examination, also with the evaluation of the Orthodox practice and taking into consideration ‘the distinction between an objective sinful situation and extenuating circumstances.’ What are the perspectives in which to act? What are the possible steps? What are the suggestions for avoiding undue or unnecessary forms of impediments?”

Number 40 Is: “How does the Christian community turn its pastoral attention to families that have within them persons with homosexual tendencies? Avoiding all unjust discrimination, in what way can it care for persons in such situations in the light of the Gospel?
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How can it present them with the requirements of God’s will in their situation?”

The Catholic Church has never condemned anyone with homosexual tendencies.  As long as they are not acting on those tendencies, and are practicing the faith, there is not and never was any prohibition from them receiving Holy Communion.  But then they put in this part of “requirements of God’s will in their situation”.  What this means is hard to understand and therefore probably intentionally vague so that it can include to mean a person in a sinful homosexual relationship or having homosexual sex.
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