Sony Pulls Movie, But Catholic Crucifix Is Still in Urine

Because of cyber threats from North Korea hackers, Sony Movies has decided to not release their movie “The Interview”  The-Interview-800x500Associated Press Photo

If a small country like North Korea can silence a huge corporation like Sony, what can we expect from China?

Because of muslim terrorism, England has a law that protects the religion islam from being criticized that no other religions have.
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 muslimsAnd yet we have Catholic crucifixes in urine, pictures of Jesus being deficated on, life size chocolate naked Body of Jesus being eaten and the Virgin Mary painted in the nude, and nothing can be done other than a few good Catholic protesting.

Every attack on the Catholic Church is an attack on Jesus, because he is her founder.  May we at least not go to movies that sacra-religiously put Jesus or His church down.