3 Traditional Catholic Christmas Gifts For Jesus

Since Christmas is all about Jesus’ Birthday, have you thought of what you are going to give Him for Christmas.  Here is a suggestion for those who really love Him.

away in a manger1) We can give Him small and large gifts of kindness to others.  So what I propose is doing kind deeds all the way up to Christmas Day (and especially on Christmas Day) for Jesus.  And this is how we are going to do it.  All day long, during Advent, you keep in mind doing (and looking for) something kind to do for people you will encounter that day.  Then you actually start doing it.  Here are some examples of what have come into my path since I started yesterday.

There was a large truck in the wrong lane trying to get over into my lane at a stop light.  I moved up further to get eye contact with the driver and asked if he wanted to move over for sure.  He waved his head yes.  So I signaled for him to come over.  It is that simple.  Today I was on the street and noticed a man who comes to Latin Mass on foot.  He was waiting for the light to change.  So I parked the car and went over and asked him if he would like a ride (he was going to take the bus).  He said yes and I took him to his apartment.

glowing_manger_copyThis sounds nice, but it will take effort.  To wait while a truck pulls in front of you, takes patience.  To pull over on a busy road to ask if someone you know needs a ride takes time.  But it really does feel wonderful once you have completed the kind deed for Jesus’ birthday.

Then what you can do, if you want to, is literally put a piece of straw in the manger where Jesus will be laid at midnight on Christmas.  This way Mary will be able to lay the infant Jesus to sleep in the a manger filled with straw.
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2) Fight temptations for Love of the Baby Jesus.  All day long we are tempted to do selfish things and to sin.  So, every time you are tempted to do a sin or be selfish and you over come that sin for love of Jesus, you put a straw in the manger for Jesus.  This will not only please Jesus, but will also help us to fight temptations and hopefully overcome habitual sins we keep on repeating.  An example is a temptation to watch pornography.  You beat the temptation and put a straw in the manger.  This is for any temptation you over come for love of Jesus.

cross-and-mangerThis will please Jesus very much, because these sins are what caused this baby Jesus to suffer so much on the cross when He grew up.  It also saddens Him greatly seeing us get destroyed by our sinful actions.  This will also make sure that the straw we put into the manger will be the cleanest possible.

3) Make small sacrifices for love of Jesus.  This also is a great gift we can give to Jesus.  Every large or small sacrifice, helps us to mortify our sensual desires.  Then we are more disposed to do good and not evil.  We also put these straws into the manger as well.

This is a great exercise for Children too.  You can have them make a manger out of a cardboard box and decorate it.  Then each time they do something for Jesus, they add a piece of straw (you need to get some straw from a farm or a feed store).

The satisfaction of doing these deeds for Jesus is wonderful.  The hard part is starting to do it.

Now, if these deeds are done without anyone but Jesus knowing, we actually are making the straw into gold.

manager-stone-carvedThis is probably what a manger that food was put into for animals to eat at the time of Jesus.  It would be made out of rock so that the animals could not keep on knocking it over.

Share this idea with as many people as you can and you will making Jesus even happier and His manger more comfortable.