Let There Be (Only) The Light Of Jesus This Christmas

As some of you know, I purchased a house here in Phoenix in August.  I was able to purchase it for $125,000 because it had no water or electricity.  IMG_2277 IMG_2250Since then, I have put in a water tank which is filled by hauled in water.  The water pressure is very low because it is gravity fed.
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 But I am very thankful to have running water.

IMG_2244I have been using Kerosene lamps for lights.  But the heat here in Phoenix is normally 100 degrees plus everyday.  It does not cool down at night.  I would almost sweat buckets of water.  Then I had no way of charging the computer I blog on, or the iPhone I use for my hot spot to get internet to post my blogs.

IMG_2247So I began to work on getting electricity from the local electric company SRP.  There were many costs and obstacles to get it.  $2,600 to get them to put in 2 electric poles.  Then to get a contractor who could put in the underground conduit. IMG_2922 This was difficult because the wire had to go under the county road, which meant a special permit and only an approved county contractor could do that.

Finally we found one, and they were only going to charge $5,500.  The crew worked all day with out success trying to drill underground with a borer.  IMG_2929There were too many large rocks in the way.  IMG_2923They then had to get a special rock hammer tractor.  $9,300 dollars later, they put it in.

IMG_2943A parishioner who goes to the Latin Mass works for an electric supply company.  He donated the conduit and new 200 amp electric panel.  Thanks so much to him.   I hired two electricians to put in the new panel according to code.  Another parishioner plastered over where the old small electric panel was.

I had to wait and wait for the electric company to put in the poles.  Then all was finished, and I had to get an OK from the county inspector.  IMG_3364Thursday the county passed the inspection and yesterday, SRP put in the meter.

IMG_3369“Let There Be Light”.  Last night I invited over everyone who helped me get electricity, and we had vegetarian pizza because it was Ember Friday.  I am so so thankful to now have a way to charge my computer and iPhone and iPad.   I also now can get a refrigerator and use the air conditioning when it get hot again.  Right now it is cold so no need.
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I have learned a lot about praying and patiently waiting for what I need.  Then I am much more grateful for simple things like a light that turns on.  Thanks be to God and Mary and all the good people who help me and others to get necessary things done.

I have electric lights for Christmas, but I am going to keep on using the Kerosene lamps, it is so much more beautiful.  After Christmas, (no shopping before Christmas and giving money to the companies that will not thank Jesus for all the Christmas shopping),  buy a Kerosene lamp and use it.  It is a little inconvenient, but the warm glow is well worth it.