Cardinal Burke’s Interview Traditional Catholicism

LISA JOHNSTON | .His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Leo Burke | Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura | Archbishop Emeritus of St. Louis in front of the shrine to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Cathedral Basilica of SCardinal Burke recently gave an another good interview found in The Radical Catholic.  All of us starving traditional Catholics, get a bit of encouragement and relief when someone like Cardinal Burke articulates simple Catholic truths.  In a big way, we feel exonerated and affirmed in what we believe in, in what we are standing up for and for what we are daily being persecuted for.

He nostalgically goes back to the great times in the Church, the 50’s and early 60’s, when:

  1. We had Catholic truth taught in Catholic schools, parishes and homes.
  2. The Baltimore Catechism kept truth simple and clear.
  3. There were great, beautiful and sacred liturgies.

BurkeTreviso4After Vatican II, “I saw that there was something that had definitely gone wrong” when:

  1. Many priest and religious abandon their ministry.
  2. Many great traditions like Gregorian Chant and Latin were removed from the Mass.
  3. The moral life and teachings of the faith began to change too.
  4. The loss of the Catholic devotional life.
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  5. Sunday Mass attendance went way down.

When he offers the Novus Ordo and the Latin Mass, even though he says they are of the same rite, he sees the differences between the two are very “stark”.  The Tridentine Mass is always pointing to the God-centered nature of liturgy.  In the New Mass the God centeredness, he says “is practically diminished to the lowest possible degree.”

Cardenal Burke2014 Synod

When asked about The Synod on the Family, he said that the mid-point report, “is one of the most shocking public documents of the Church that I could imagine.  … it is a cause for very serious alarm…”.  He uses Vatican II document Guadium et Spes to show what the Church believes, in which it calls divorce a plague in society.

As to the promotions of homosexual acts he says;

  1. They are intrinsically evil from which no good can come from.
  2. Will result in the destruction of society.
  3. Breakdown the family.
  4. Breakdown the fiber of society.
  5. Unnatural homosexual acts corrupt human sexuality which is ordered to marriage and the procreation of children.

He said that the Church depends of sound Catholic family life and where there is no sound Catholic teaching, there are few sound Catholic families.  As the Catholic family stops having children, muslims are replacing the Catholic population.  “Muslim life is taking over in countries which were formerly Christian.”

2010-burke-cardinalAt the Synod, he agreed that the pope and bishops are using double talk.  He quotes the Synod statement as an example. “We are not touching the doctrine; we believe in marriage as the Church has always believed in it; but we are only making changes in discipline.”  This is wrong because the Churches discipline has to be directly related to her teachings, discipline at service to the truth of the Faith.

Mercy and Sin.

There was definitely confusion about having mercy for the sinner at the Synod, but not declaring sin as sin.  He quoted one Synod Father as saying; “Does sin no longer exist?  Do we no longer recognize it?”

Card. Burke went on to say; “When God’s life is given to us as it is in the Church, it demands of us a new way of life, a daily conversion to Christ, and we know God’s mercy to the degree that we embrace that conversion and strive to turn every day our lives over again to Christ and to overcome our sinfulness and our weaknesses.”

When asked about mercy to pedophiles in contrast with adulterers, he said sin is sin no matter if it is adultery, pedophilia, theft or murder.  They are all great evils, mortal sins.

Burke celebrating Latin massPower and Authority of the Pope; plenitudo potestatis.

When asked about the pope having authority to change Catholic dogma, he said that his authority is “to do what Christ commands of us in obedience to Him.  So we all follow Our Lord Christ, beginning with the Holy Father.”  The pope does not have authority to change doctrine.

Marriage has been affirmed through out Catholic history.  More recently, Pope XI “Cst connubii”, Pope Paul VI “Humanae vitae,” and Pope John Paul II, “Familis consortio”.

Society of Pope St. Pius X

He said bishops must notice in Europe, where they are barely surviving,when the SSPX is doing very well.

Let us pray for Cardinal Burke.  Let us continue to stand up for the sacredness of the Holy Latin Sacraments, especially the Latin Mass and at this time the Sacrament of Marriage.  Even though we do not have the support coming from “above” in the Church right now, we definitely have it from “ABOVE” from God, Mary, the Angels and all the saints.