St. Catherine, Almost Totally Traditionally Catholic

St. Catherine of Siena in Phoenix Arizona is a unique Diocesan parish under Bishop Thomas Omstead.  Although there are 5 Novus Ordo Masses every Sunday and a 7 am English Mass M-Th, basically the rest of the parish life is traditional Catholicism.  There are 2 Latin Masses on Sunday and 2 daily Latin Masses.

St. Catherine of Siena Carlos DolciHere are some things that are so unique about the Holy Mass at St. Catherine’s.

  1. The altar is facing God and not the people.IMG_2150
  2. The Canon is said silently.
  3. There is an altar rail that is used at both the Novus Ordo Masses and the Latin Masses.
  4. Most people kneel and receive Holy Communion on the tongue.
  5. A paten is always used when giving Holy Communion (except at daily English mass).
  6. There are only altar boys.
  7. The Latin Masses are all full.
  8. No Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion.
  9. Very few lectors.
  10. The musicn at all masses  is all traditional organ music accompanied by a choir up in the choir
  11. Most women wear chapel veils.
  12. Many women only wear dresses to Holy Mass.
  13. In the Latin Mass, Men sit seperate from Women.
  14. Many families with children come to daily Latin Mass.
  15. Most people who go to the Latin Mass have changed their lives, go to confession and are living in grace and thus able to receive Holy Communion.

Here are some of the unique things about how people act in Church.

  1. No one goes into the sancturary.  If they need to go, they go behind the altar.
  2. In general people do not talk in Church.

Here are the unique things about the Church.IMG_0487Before Altar Was Encased With Wood And Marble

It still has the origional marble altar with an altar stone.  It has been surrounded recently with wood and marble.

  1. There are 6 small altars that were used for private masses from before Vatican II when there were a lot of young priests at every church saying their own mass.
  2. All confessionals have only screens and kneelers.
  3. Old stain glass windows have been recently installed.
  4. There are many saints statues and paintings.
  5. There are real votive candles.
  6. Have exorized Holy Water at entrances.
  7. The Church building is in perfect condition.
  8. The inside and outside of the church is spotless.

Here are some of the unique ways people act.

  1. Most people kiss the hand of the priests.
  2. Most people go to confession on a regular basis.

Here are the unique aspects about Faith Formation.IMG_0438

  1. It begins with the Holy Latin Mass, followed by 1 1/2 hour classses.
  2. Parents required to be at the Holy Mass and to assist at 1 1/2 hour classes too.
  3. There is a dress code that asks all the parents and children come dressed in their Sunday best.
  4. No girls are allowed in pants or short dresses.
  5. The Baltimore Catechism book is used.
  6. The students begin thier classes by praying the Holy Rosary.
  7. They are tested periodically to see if they know their prayers.
  8. Marriage classes are 2 hours long and for 4 months.  They also have to go to the Latin Mass before attending the classes.
  9. Baptism classes are 2 times for 2 hours each.

What is unique about the administering of the Sacraments.

  1. Most weddings are with the Missa Cantata Latin Mass.
  2. Most confirmations are from the 1962 Missal in Latin.
  3. Most baptisms are in Latin with the exoricisms.

Unique groups.IMG_0212

  1. Men have the Templarios where they pray and meet to grow in holiness.
  2. Women have Christian Mothers where they do the same.
  3. Children and youth have Fidelis where they are radically challanged to grow if faith.

For the Poor.

  1. Have a very good St. Vincent de Paul society.

IMG_3074St. Catherine has a future.  There are so many children, youth and young families who are going to Holy Mass Every Sunday and involved in the parish life all week long.

IMG_2898As you can see, Fr. Saenz, the pastor has worked very hard to gradually accomplish the “miracle” of turning St. Catherine’s into an authentic unique Catholic parish.

Many people have also left the parish and strongly critize Fr. Saenz, but you can see, the Holy Spirit is here, not the evil spirit.