Traditional Catholics Need To Admonish Sinners With Charity

As clearly as we see the world going to hell, we still always need to have charity toward sinners, (and everyone), just like Jesus had, the sacrificial love with which He died on the cross to save souls. Crucifixion_Christ_on_the_Cross_DELACROIX_Eug_ne This means that when we see people sinning or dressing immodestly, we need to informed them with charity on how their way of living or dressing is immoral.

Cristo_crocifissoHere is a comment I received on this blog that is good to remind us that our goal is the salvation of all souls from going to hell and to get them to heaven.  Because it is so difficult and appears to be impossible, at times we just want to write off these sinners and all those who do not see what seems obvious to us, (bad is bad, good is good).  But for them, it may not be as obvious as it is to us.

Christ in Mary in Glory_GHERARDUCCI, Don Silvestro dei“Why is it Fr. There is a lack of charity among “most ” Traditional Catholics especially with the SSPX Trad Catholics, their arrogance is a turn off to hardened sinners who wish to convert. No one likes to be gossiped about and felt unwelcome especially glared at if you are covered with tattoos you don’t look the norm like the other parishioners . You are politely acknowledged but not someone to be associated with even by priest. Priest cater to the good parishioners needs without hesitation,but bad guy converts needs are constantly put off they are too busy for them.
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Been a trad Catholic for 19yrs and observed that we have the Faith but so much Charity is lacking.”

Let us renew our love for God and for neighbor every morning.  Then let us try to put it into practice everywhere we go that day; church, shopping, gas station, school, work and especially in our homes.