“O Hell” And Traditional Catholics Saving Souls

hellissoThere are many ways that the word HELL is thrown around today.
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 For those trying to be holy, they see the word HELL as a bad word.  Inside and outside of the Catholic Church, there is a strong drive to not believe in or to not talk about hell or the devil.  In spite of this attempt to deny or forget the reality of hell, (the consequence of un-repented sin),  the word hell is still a big part of our language.  This shows that there still is a strong sub-conscious awareness of the devil and hell in society.  Here are a few of the sayings about hell that are still used today in ordinary talk.

E060_Hell4“The boss is hell when a job is poorly done.”

“I went through hell on the job.”

“He gave the student hell for cheating.”

“We did it for the sheer hell of it.”

“How the hell can I go?”

“You did one hell of a job.”

“I walked home by the old school for the hell of it”

“If we’re wrong, there’ll be hell to pay.”

“He ran like hell to catch the bus.”

He says he’s going along with us. — “Like hell he is!”

Flemish-Painter-Dieric-Bouts-the-Elder-Hell-Renaissance-Oil-PaintingHell is so so horrible.  It is:

  1. extreme eternal suffering from being tortured by demons,
  2. eternal regret and remorse, knowing that you caused yourself to be damned,
  3. horrific smells, sights, sounds,
  4. total loss of freedom,
  5. only hate everywhere,
  6. extreme despair and depression,
  7. no hope,
  8. fire,
  9. evil supernatural snakes, spiders, worms crawling around inside and outside of you,
  10. and no God or love.

hellI was lighting a Kerosene lamp and for just a second, I burned my hand with the hot match.  It caused me a pain I did not like at all.  Then I bit my tongue, it hurt a lot.  I did not like that at all either.  Instantly, it reminded of the eternal pains of hell.

I think because we are normally not in pain, or have low levels of pain like a headache, we cannot imagine the horrors and pains of hell.  So every time there is some temporary pain in our lives, we need to remind ourselves and those around us to not go into the eternal pains of hell.

H095_hell2When I get a little down, I remind myself to be so so grateful that I am still not damned to the tortures of hell.  I still have the opportunity to do what God wants and to obey Him.

The pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests and catechism teachers in the Catholic Church today do not really love people if they fail to tell them about hell.
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 By not telling them about the dangers and horrors of going to hell for one mortal sin, they are helping people to be damned forever.  Is that true love?

hell4That is why, no matter how much we traditional Catholics are persecuted by the powerbrokers in the Church, out of true love, we have to continue to tell the truth that Jesus told us, “hell is horrible and do everything possible to not go there for all eternity”.