Secular Wikipedia Describes Changes Made By Vatican II

Atheist, agnostics, Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus, Hedonist, Satanist, Protestants, Non-denominational christians, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Wiccans, Drug Cartels and all the rest of humanity believe we do not respect each other enough.  What I mean, is that they feel they are not respected enough.  But they will never be respected until they get the proper order of reality: God deserves respect and obedience over and above everyone and everything.

TheChristoftheTrenchesTraditional Catholics strongly believe in respecting people.  But we also believe that it is of much more importance to respect God who created people.  Until we understand the greater value God has in relationship to the lesser value of people, we will continue to use, hurt, abuse, exploit and manipulate each other.  God created people, therefore He is greater.

Respecting God is learned from how we worship God in Church, in our homes and in public.  The Holy Latin Mass shows perfect respect to God’s dignity in every action written down in enforced by the rubrics.  When we kneel for a blessings or to say a prayer, we give the example to our children and the people around us how to respect God.

Before Vatican II, everyone; Catholics, police, military, and people in general, showed respect for God during public processions.https:

I have been demonized for complaining that the documents from the Vatican II council and the Vatican directives that were later issued, caused lack of respect for God, others and the other terrible problems we are confronted with today in the Catholic Church.

It was the Sacrosanctum Concilium document (read in wikipedia), that Pope Paul VI and the Concilium used to produce the New Mass and abrogate the Latin Mass.  The other Vatican II documents were used to change the Catholic Church and were sent out from the Vatican to the Bishop’s conferences to implement the changes in churches and liturgies.

Here is part of the table of content of the document “Sacrosanctum Concilium”.

  1. “General Principles for the Restoration and Promotion of the Sacred Liturgy (5–46)
    1. The Nature of the Sacred Liturgy and Its Importance in the Church’s Life (5–13)
    2. The Promotion of Liturgical Instruction and Active Participation (14–20)
    3. The Reform of the Sacred Liturgy (21–46)
      1. General Norms (22–25)
      2. Norms Drawn from the Hierarchic and Communal Nature of the Liturgy (26–32)
      3. Norms Based Upon the Didactic and Pastoral Nature of the Liturgy (33–36)
      4. Norms for Adapting the Liturgy to the Culture and Traditions of Peoples (37–40)
      5. Promotion of Liturgical Life in Diocese and Parish (41–42)
      6. The Promotion of Pastoral-Liturgical Action (43–46)”

vaticanii 2Since I am critical of Vatican II, people do not believe me.  But hopefully they will believe what the modernist, secular “Wikipedia” reports.

Right here you can learn about all the many drastic changes that the Vatican II Council brought about in the Catholic Church by just reading wikipedia “Vatican II”:  Here is an excerpt:

“The most palpable changes which followed the council include the widespread use of vernacular language in Holy Mass instead of the Latin Language, the displacement of the Church tabernacle from the central aisle, the subtle disbandment of ornate clerical regalia, the revision of Eucharistic prayers, along with various indirect changes such as the celebration of the Mass with the officiant facing the congregation (Versus Populum), instead of facing east toward the apse or wall behind the altar (Ad Orientam); the abbreviation of the liturgical calendar; and for modern aesthetic changes encompassing contemporary liturgical music and artwork, many of which remain divisive and polemic among the Catholic faithful until the present day.”

Before these changes, when Jesus was brought to houses on sick calls, everyone knew that they had to prepare an altar for the coming of Jesus/God in Holy Communion.  Attachment-1This picture says it all.  It was published on the front of the secular and popular LIFE magazine.  Have any of you seen this kind of respect for Jesus in the Holy Host since Vatican II?  Have any of you seen pictures like this in secular magazines since Vatican II?

Look at the modest dress of the women and little girls.  How many women or girls are dressing like this since Vatican II?

Now look at the new way of adoring God in the New Mass.  They both cannot be right.

novus-ordoWe traditional Catholics are just trying to recover respect for God and others through Adoring God in the Holy Latin Sacraments and by Obeying God’s Laws of love that are given to protect the dignity of every person and to give them the respect they deserve.