The Immaculate Conception Is The Key To fixing The Catholic Church

The problem right now with the Catholic Church, and the world in general, is simply that most Catholics, along with everyone else, refuse to obey God in every area of their lives.  Mary’s Immaculate Conception is the key to fixing the Church and society.

Prado Annunciation_Adam and Eve_detIt began, way way long ago, with the devil’s rebellion against God.  Then, he cunningly seduced Eve into mistrusting God and to disobey Him by eating of the fruit of tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Eve’s influence on Adam caused him to fall too, and along with him, all of us his heirs.

It is called “Original Sin”.  “But by the envy of the devil death came into the world”. Wis. 2:24.  “Wherefore as by one man sin entered into this world and by sin death; and so death passed upon all men” Rom. 5:12, and “For by a man came death and by a man the resurrection of the dead”.  I Cor. 15:21.

Separation from God, death, rebellion, enmity, self-centeredness, violence, murder, envy, hate and sloth, are just a few of our defects that received from the rebellion of our first parents.  We, their children, receive original sin in our fallen weak human nature and by the example of our parents and the people around us.  We are “Copy Cats” of our parents and the other people’s bad, (and good) behavior.  So we find it very hard to obey any authority whatsoever.   We only like to obey ourselves.

Holy Trinity_PEREDA, Antonio de 2In the Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit exist in order, obedience and love. Jesus, the New Adam, obeyed His Father to take on our human nature, preach, heal, cast out demons, suffer and to die on the Cross.

Presentation of the Virgin MaryMary, the New Eve, was conceived in her mother, St. Ann’s womb, without Original Sin and therefore was full of God, or Grace, from the moment of her conception.  We see this in the greeting she received from the Archangel Gabriel; “Hail full of Grace”, Luke 1:28.

Annunciation_stained glass_CarlGod gave Mary extraordinary graces, (at her conception), to help her obey God by saying YES to God’s request for her to be the Mother of God, Jesus Christ.  As a human creature, even though she was conceived without original sin, (like Adam and Eve were), she was still just as capable to rebel against God, as was Adam and Eve.

MARYBABYJESUSWITHANGELSMUSICThe Blessed Virgin Mary’s obedience to God, disobedience to the devil‘s temptations, and her good example, are the remedies that the Catholic Church and mankind need so much today.

We traditional Catholics are merely Catholics who are trying our best to be obedient to God’s rules set down in the Holy Bible and in the 2000 years of the Church’s Magisterium.  We have decided to humbling submit to and obeying the Rule of Christ, Our King.  This is the answer to the world’s rebellion and the chaos that each one of us has to experience every minute of our life.  If each one of us can begin by obeying Our Good King in our souls and lives.  Then, the reign of Jesus Christ and the restoration of God’s order, will concretely begin to be present in the world.

Crucifixion_man illumGod, not only gave extraordinary graces to Mary at her conception and throughout her life, but He also continues to give us the graces necessary to obey Him every second of our life.  But these graces are contingent on various factors:

  1. That we be baptized in the Catholic Church to remove the guilt of original sin.
  2. Receive the other Holy Sacraments in a timely fashion.
  3. Frequent the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.
  4. Avoid the occasion of sin.
  5. Keep good company and avoiding those through whom the devil works to tempt us.
  6. Read the Word of God daily.
  7. Desire the things of heaven and despise the things of earth.
  8. Humbly recognize that we still have the effects of Original Sin and if we are not careful, can easily fall into sin.
  9. Ask for God’s help and graces by praying, especially in times of temptations.
  10. Always staying close to Mary, the mediatrix of all graces.

If the pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests, kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, judges, fathers, mothers, teachers, police, children would all obey God, then God’s order would be restored and we could all begin to obey God and each other in the line of higher authority given to each one of us from God.  It is not our authority, but authority that God has given to us, and will be given an account of how it was administered; excellently, good, poorly or badly.

Christ KingSt. German states it well;

“Be it thine to clothe God’s priests with righteousness, and to make them shout aloud for joy Ps. cxxxi. 9, 16, in approved and stainless, and upright and glorious faith. thine be it to guide in peace the sceptres of orthodox princes, even of princes who put their trust in thee to be the crown of their Majesty, and the Royal Robe of their greatness, and the firm foundation of their dominion, more than in purple, or fine gold, or pearls, or precious stones; thine be it to put under their feet the unfaithful nations, nations that blaspheme thee, and the God That was born of thee; thine be it to keep in meek obedience the people that are under them, according to the commandment of God.”

The Kingship of Jesus Christ is hierarchical.  We see this reflected in the order of the Holy Latin Mass.  First, great reverence is given to God, the author of all authority.  Then, special reverence is given, depending on the rank of the office, to each person participating in the Holy Mass.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to show reverence to God and His servants.