“Have Faith And Fear Not”, Says Jesus Christ

There are so many things that we fear.  St. Thomas Aquinas puts fear as a good that protects us from a real danger.  But there are many other fears that each one of of us has to deal with everyday.  Some are valid fears and should be paid attention too.  Others are mere phantoms that need to be recognized for who they are and then blessed away.
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Cristo_crocifissoIt is a holy and proper thing to fear God.  This fear is based on our knowledge that God is the supreme good.  So when He says to fear His punishment, than we need to heed His admonition because we know it comes from our just and loving God.  It is holy to fear God’s condemnation to hell.   It is proper to fear offending God who is so good to us.

In most cases, it is not a good thing to act out of fear, (other than a true danger).  Often, fear is excited in us by the devil to keep us from making the decisions and completing the actions that will allow us to live more fully in God’s love and joy.  So we have to be wise in discerning between good fears and bad fears.

Many good actions are never accomplished because we are afraid of the unknown or the risk or possible bad consequences of change.  God has many great things in store for us, if we would just trust Him and move out of our comfort zone.  Many great things never happen because people are immobilized by fear: “What if………”.

We are afraid of:

  1. What people think of us.
  2. The unknown.
  3. Running out of money.
  4. loosing our job.
  5. Getting sick and not having medical insurance.
  6. Being rejected.
  7. Being lonely.
  8. Failure.
  9. Being punished by authorities in the Church for speaking the truth.
  10. Being punished by authorities in the Church for saying the Latin Mass.
  11. Criticism.
  12. Suffering.

The remedy to being immobilized by these, and many other fears, is FAITH in God’s Divine providence.
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 If you read the Bible and study the lives of the saints, you see that in spite of the many trials and sufferings they encountered and endured, God miracles and blessings came through in the end.

itisfinishedIf we were to write down today the fears that are controlling our lives and actions, and then, a week, a month, a year later read this list, we would find that only a few of these fears, which immobilized us, ever came about.

Let us today decided to have more faith in God.  Then we work on rejecting all the fears that the devil throws up in our face to keep us from doing God’s will, accomplishing great things with our lives and from becoming happy holy Catholics.

It is so good to be traditional Catholic and to know how to get free from the chains of fear. Trust God, Reject the devil’s lies of the bad things that may happen if we move our in faith.