Traditional Catholic Reward and Punishment.

St. Nicholas is a great example of rewards and punishment as seen in Catholic Christianity.  On the his feast day, all over Europe, children are given fruit, nuts and sweets if they have been good, and coal, or a swift swat with a cane if they have been bad.

gift-giver-pc-wmasterWhen St. Nicholas appeared to the Emperor Constantine in a dream to correct him for being unjust with some of his generals, he told him to change or get serious consequences.

stnicholasAt the Council of Nicea, St. Nicholas actually hit Arius for teaching the heresy that Jesus was not equal in divinity to God the Father.

Santa-List-MemeChildren need to be taught that there are rewards for a good life and punishment for a bad life.

saint-nicholas1The Church today, only wants to talk about the Love and Mercy of God.  They do not want to tell about His anger and just punishment.

There is a great Mexican proverb;

A boy began to steal eggs from his neighbors and his parents said nothing about it.  Then he began to steal chiles, and again they said nothing to him.  Then he began stealing chickens, and they ignored him.  Finally he grew up and began to steal cattle.  This is when the whole community rose up and took him to be hung.

When his parents heard about it they ran to the place, crying, our son, our son.  He replied; “When I stole the eggs, you never corrected me.  When I stole the chiles, you never corrected me.  When I stole the chickens, you never corrected me.
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 Now it is too late.

Before it is too late, after death, we better get this straight.  Reward is heaven and punishment is hell.