New Mass For Roberto Gomez Bolanos Estadio Azteca, Mexico

As far as I can see, Roberto Gomez Bolanos was decent famous actor from Mexico who recently died at the age of 85.  But as I was having a cup of coffee with some people from the parish in a Mexican restaurant, the TV was on and I saw parts of his funeral mass.

chespirito-aztecaPicture taken from Quien Magazine

The mass was held in the huge Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.  But what bothered me most were the two huge pictures of Roberto projected on huge screens behind the altar during the whole mass.  In the center was a crucifix also being projected, but it did not stand out like his pictures.

The reason it bothered me was that instead of Jesus, he became the main focus at the sacrifice of the Holy Mass.  Even if he is the greatest person ever to be born, which I doubt he was, no one should dare take the focus away from God at the Holy Mass.  Today we want to glorify man at the cost of belittling God made Man.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know who is God and we are merely His creatures.
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