Traditional Catholic Couples Have Great Success In Married Life

I witnessed the wedding of Oscar and Claudia at the Fraternity Of St. Peter’s parish, St. Stephen First Martyr in Sacramento.  The new priest just arrived there to help Fr. Lyons, he is Fr. Zachary Akers.  He was so so hospitable.  I can never remember been treated so well when visiting another parish to do a wedding or funeral.  First, he offered to hear confession for anyone before the Holy Latin Marriage.  He lent m his new vestments.  He helped give Holy Communion.  Thank You Father.IMG_3259

The altar boys have been practicing for a long time to do this Holy Latin Wedding perfectly.  And they came through with flying colors.

IMG_3255In the homily, I talked about how the bride had discovered traditional Catholicism and had helped the groom to convert.  They have established their future married life on good solid ground.  I reminded them that most Novus Ordo Catholics are just like most people today.

  1. These modernistic Catholics believe the devils lies that there is nothing wrong with living together.
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  2. Most do not even get married.
  3. Many have children with different partners.
  4. The few who do get married, often get divorced.
  5. Almost all are using Birth Control.

IMG_3303I brought up how Pope Francis and many other powerful Cardinals and bishops, believe that there is nothing wrong with divorce and then getting remarred and receive Holy Communion.  This totally undermines Jesus’ words from the Gospel read at the Traditional Wedding; “The two be come one” and “ Let no man separate what God has united”, in marriage.  I also brought up the silent victims of divorce whom are never mentioned or defended; children.

IMG_3290There were a lot of babies in the pews crying and testing out their newly found voices.  I told them that this is a great thing because most Catholics today are not having many children.

IMG_3292For the Novus Ordo Catholics in the congregation, of whom I know dislike me for saying birth control is sinful, I especially re-iterated that it is still in the Novus Ordo Catholic Church teaching that says; “it is sin to use birth control”.  God gave us this law, not Fr. Carota.  Please, Do not shoot the messenger.  I reminded the couple that my parents had 19 children and that every child is the greatest gift a couple can receive from God.

The “Admonition” that the wedding begins with, reminds the couple that they have no idea of what will happen in their future.
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  All they do know, is that God will be with them in the good times and the bad times, in sickness and in health.  Absolutely none of us can know the future.

IMG_3301Most of the guest were modestly dressed and wore the veil.  But the women who came in short skirts and tight pants, really stood out.  Please!  Please!  If you have any baptism, First Holy Communions, Confirmations and Weddings, plan way ahead of time to tell the people to not wear short dresses, low cut tops and tight pants.  I think it has to be put VERY VERY STRONGLY.  Over and over, invited ladies come to traditional Latin Sacraments very immodest.  You expect it at Novus Ordo events, few of them care.  But it is always deeply saddening to see people’s  disrespect for God and have enjoy being the sex star at the Holy events.

IMG_3265We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics who do not want to offend God by the way we dress and the way we pray and live.