Traditional Catholic Altar Boys Learn Discipline On Retreat

Some of the older altar boys and their parents asked for a retreat.  So God was good and we were able to use our friends’ house in Aptos California.

IMG_3116Started Off Day With The Holy Latin Mass Every Morning

Themes that were covered.

Monkey on Your Back; Every sin we commit as youth, stay on our back and in our mind and hurt our bodies for the rest of our lives.  The matter of fact is that we all eventually pay for every sin we commit, sooner or later.  It is like those who smoke when they are young.  Eventually they will suffer from lung problems or cancer, sooner of later.  The real Monkey you allow to get on your back through sin, is the devil and his menacing demons.  Our mind is so great that it records all the evil and good we have seen or done.  It just takes a thought, a sight or a memory to bring it all up again.  Our minds are like computers that stores billions of bites, the right command brings it all up again.

IMG_3199Parents Have More Wisdom Than Children.  As much as children like to think they know more than their parents, the fact is that parents have way more wisdom and experience than they do.  God put it very clearly in the 4th Commandment, we need to honor and obey our parents.

Here are 10 ways to help you parents raise holy and disciplined children and to not be spoiled brats.

  1. CONSISTENCY.  As Jesus said; “Let you yes be yes and your no be no”.  So many parents complain to me about how much they have to fight with their children.  It is easy to give in and let the children have their way.  But when you are consistent, at the beginning it is hard, but in the long run it is so much easier to have you children obey you.IMG_3201
  2. Discipline.  If there is a lot of love between the parents and children, they will naturally want to obey.  But there is also nothing wrong corporal punishment.  But it is also a sin for a parent to spank their children when they are angry or have lost their temper.
  3. Love.  Parents need to love and take time to be with and communicate with their children.  Children need to love their parents too.IMG_3196
  4. No Electronics or TV.  The smart phone is where most youth are looking at pornography.  The parents buy these phones for their children.  Cable TV has porn on it too.  Children end up lazy bums because they only like playing video games or other electronic games.  To keep children quiet, parents let them have the electronid games or let them watch TV or a Stupid movie.  It is good to use your TV to watch DVDs on God, the saints and other educational things.  Get your children out of bed early and off the couch to help around the house, read a book, pray, play and run around outside.  We have lazy, obese children, because the parents did not take the time to teach them to work.
  5. Music.  The beat of modern music arouses the animal, the sensual in youth.  Gregorian Chant, classical music leads the mind and body to things of heaven.
  6. Be The Parent, Not the Friend.  Many parents are afraid of their children getting mad at them.  You are the parent, none of us like to be disciplined, but all of us do not like undisciplined children or for that matter, adults.
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     Because you love your children you will discipline them with love.IMG_3193
  7. Good Example.  Children are copy cats.   All that parents do and say will be in their children.  They copy good behavior, especially holiness.  Bad behavior is learned, especially undisciplined parents and bad friends.  Parents also teach their children bad words by using them themselves.
  8. Sports.  It is great to play sports.  But watching all the sports on TV is a total waste of a life.  Get a life, do not live vicariously through a sport’s teams life.IMG_3216They Love Tackle Football
  9. Purity and Virginity.  Parents example of chaste lives and avoiding all pornography helps their children to appreciate their souls and bodies purity.
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     Many evil spirits come into the house by the dads who are watching porn.  These unclean demons go onto their children.  IMG_3178
  10. Prayer and Bible Reading.  If dad and mom pray and read the Bible consistently, the children see that this is a natural thing to do.  A short reading of the Bible everyday goes a long way.  Praying all 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary as given to St. Dominic, is a powerful tool that takes care of all the problems in the family and at the same time, the world.

IMG_3155Helping out at the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen helped these young men see the effects of drugs and alcohol.  It also taught them to appreciate all they have and to help those who do not have all that they have.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the wisdom of the Bible and Holy Saints of the past and present to teaches to be good priests, parents and children.