Thanks-giving, Things To Be Thankful To God For

Here is a list of things to reflect on a Day of THANKSGIVING.

st_JohnofMatha_CARRE_O_DE_MIRANDA_JuanLife.  The mare thing that we are alive is such a wonderful gift from God.  You could have been murdered in your mothers womb.

tumblr_mw0u5fVXvC1r6mdnjo1_500Faith.  Many people do not have faith that God exists and is helping us every second of our life.

Supernatural Life.  Beyond the mere human existence, we have also been, and are being given, supernatural grace from God through the Holy Sacraments.  So we want to be grateful for having been baptized into the Holy Catholic Church, to be able to receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and to be forgiven and given graces to sin no more.  Just think of all the people that have never even heard about Jesus, or live in places where there is no priests, Holy Latin Mass or Confessions.

Divine Laws.  As traditional Catholics we have knowledge of what is right and wrong revealed to us by God.  God is Love.  His laws are from this love to help protect us from the devil, evil and actions that will hurt our souls and bodies.

The Bible.  How many times have we received guidance, encouragement and faith from reading the word of God.

MARYBABYJESUSWITHANGELSMUSICFamily.  Even if your family is not perfect, at least we know who are family is and receive love and security from them.  How many people there will be eating alone on Thanksgiving and at Christmas.

Education.  What a great thing good knowledge is.  The things we have learned.  The history we know.  The facts we have memorized.

Wisdom.   How blessed we are to have Catholic wisdom and to be able to learn from the old people.  The book of Wisdom, Ecclesiatis and Proverbs are full of divine wisdom.

Health.  You can have wealth, fame and intelligence.  But without health, it is hard to enjoy it.

Wealth.  Everything essentially comes from God, all that we have inherited or have worked to obtain, is a gift from God.  How many people are living in the streets, are working and barely surviving.  When you live God’s way, you will see that money and things just come to you.
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Marriage.  If you are happily married, you are one in a thousand.  So thank God you are happily married.

Parents.  Many children are living with a single parent.  Many have never met their dad.  Many have lost their parent or parents to heart attacks, accidents, murders or drug overdoses.  To have a dad and a mom is a great gift from God.

Brothers and sisters.  How many children live lonely lives because they have no siblings.   More and more children live in loneliness because their parents would not accept the gift of more children or they murdered them in the womb.

Grandparents.  Grandparents are very special.  We thank God we have or had grandparents.

Grand children.  What joy it is to have little grandchildren.

Master Francke_Hamburg, Kunsthalle_ca. 1430Vision.  Many people are blind or going blind.  To see peoples faces, nature and to be able to read.
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Speech.  Many people have stuttering problems or simple can not speak because they can not hear.

Hearing.  To hear people speak, a bird sing, music and laughter.

communism_doesn't_workFreedom.  How many people live in communist countries like China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea and do not have freedom of speech.  How many are in force labor camps.  How many are in jail or prison all over the world.  35 million are slaves.  Many are sex slaves.

Latin Mass.  But most of all we are thankful to be traditional Catholics and to be able to suffer for sharing Catholic truth with others.  As traditional priests, we are able to offer the Latin Mass which gives God the greatest honor possible and crushes evil all over the world.