Preparing Well For Thanksgiving, Not ThanksPigging

If you want to have a Happy Thanksgiving, and all the days of your life, BE GRATEFUL.  To get things right, we need to remember that we were given these holidays off to GIVE THANKS TO GOD for all we have received from Him.  Go back to work if you do not want to give thanks to God.First-Catholic-ThanksgivingFirst Thanksgiving In The Americas

10 ways in which to spending Thanksgiving the right way.

  1. Go to Holy Latin Mass to Give God Thanks.  Eucharist means thanksgiving.
  2. Pray before eating.
  3. Invite a lonely or poor person to enjoy the day with your family.
  4. Bring some food ot a place that is serving the poor.
  5. Invite someone with whom you have been having problems with lately.
  6. Do not over eat, that is the sin of gluttony.
  7. NO TV or Sports on.
  8. Enjoy your family and people you will be with.
  9. Be friendly to everyone you meet that day.
  10. Thank God you are a traditional Catholic.

God, Love, Family and Friends are what are important.  Use Thanksgiving Day so as to enjoy and share all of these with others.