All Will Be Taken Away From You At Your Death.

11_26_silvesterSt. Sylvester Abbot came from a rich Noble family.  He was a holy child and young man.  But everything change when a another young noble man who had been his neighbor, died.  VanitasHe went to his funeral and saw his decaying corpse of this handsome rich man.   It was then that he completely gave up his life and everything for God.
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 He said; “I am what this man was; what he is, I shall be”.

ImageThis saying probably came from wise saying from before.  I have heard it this way.  An old man told a young man; “As you are now, I once was, As I am now you someday will be”.

PFA188045Let us meditate everyday on the Last 5 Things; Death, Judgement, Heaven, Purgatory or Hell.
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