Visit of Traditional Catholic Family From San Diego

Jon is a member of the Schola at St. Ann’s Parish (FSSP) in San Diego.  He also belongs to a group of men who have started a St. Philip Neri “Oratory”.  His daughter was in an Irish dance competition here in Phoenix, so we got together for lunch.

IMG_3067Jon was raised Catholic but like most educated Catholics fell away.  He met Anna who was a protestant.  She asked him if he would come to her church.  He agreed as long as they were Bible based.  (How come Catholics believe in the Bible so much?  Faith given to us a baptism and hearing the Bible at Mass.)

But later on, he started investigating the protestant apologetic material Anna was giving him.  He started reading the Church Fathers.  It was not long before he was convinced that the true faith was the Catholic Church.

This began a great crisis in their marriage.  If it had not been for that Anna was pregnant with their first child, she would have left.  But eventually she began to learn with Jon.  He entered RCIA and she went along just to listen.  Before you know it, she became Catholic.

But then they went even deeper and discovered the joys and sacredness of the Latin Mass.   Anna noted the quiet contemplative atmosphere present at the Latin Mass compared with all noise, talking and other human oriented activity at the New Order Mass.

480511_10151436109968705_1551975927_nThen she joined a homeschool mothers group, (even though she never home schooled, their children go to a private Catholic Academy).  Every May, these women would take a challenge to do something to become more like Mary.  It was her decision to start to wear a skirt or dress.  It was hard at first, but she began to really feel better in a dress.  She said she loves trying to be like Mary.  Why would women not want to be like the most beautiful woman that ever existed?

She says it is hard to find long skirts in the stores and they are more expensive.  Goodwill and second hand clothing stores are a good place to find skirts and dresses at a very reasonable price.

It was such a joy to spend time eating, walking, praying, collecting and throwing rocks with this traditional Catholic family.  As you all know, it is very lonely once you know how important the Holy Latin Mass is, Modesty is, the Bible is, Respect for God is, and Quiet in the church is.  It is a great joy to be able to talk with Catholics who know the Bible, Liturgy, the Church Fathers, History, Doctrine and Gregorian Chant.

We stopped by a cotton field that had already been picked and picked some left over cotton.  That was educating to the children and fun for the adults.IMG_3068

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and have all these precious treasures.