Hopeful Conversion To Catholic Faith by Traditional Exorcized and Bless Holy Water

I was hearing a confession in the crying room at church when I noticed a black lady waiting outside the window for me.  All sorts of thoughts go through my mind, like does she want to ask for money???  I am learning over and over again to not pre-judge these people and to be open to what they may need.

holy-waterGreeting her with a kind hello, I noticed a plastic bottle in her hand.  She asked me for Holy Water.  She explained to me that it helps her a lot.

BoyAtHolyWaterFont-bI go on to ask if she is Catholic.  She says no.  I tell her that in order for me to give her the exorcised and bless Holy Water, she has to become Catholic.  I explained to her that there would be absolutely NO Holy Water with out the power of the Catholic priesthood that comes from Jesus, through the Apostles laying on of hands, (Apostolic Succession).  I explained too, that my Italian family has been Catholics for around 2000 years.  St. Peter and St. Paul converted the Italians near Rome where my family is from, (Abruzzi).

We speak some more and she shows me a crucifix she is wearing and of which she loves.  Again I explained that only Catholics love the crucifix, while protestants only have the cross.

article-new_ehow_images_a06_s8_lj_purpose-holy-water-catholic-religion-800x800She was wearing sort of tight pants, so I explained the importance of modesty and not offending God.  She promised to not wear pants when she comes to Church.  But I told her that God is in the streets too.

virgin21We prayed together and she said she is going to start to come to Holy Mass.  I am going to give her a small traditional Catechism for her to start reading.  She also told me she prays and fasts often.  It was just one of those times when the Holy Spirit works through simple sacramentals.  Please pray for her, her name is JEWEL.

IMG_3060We also gave out miraculous medals provided by the Legion of Mary to all the catechism children and their parents.  IMG_3061I never knew till recently there is a prayer for the imposition of the miraculous medal.  One boy told me that for the last two days since he has put the medal on, he has not watched any TV or played Video games.  Simple means of grace that God and Mary have given us.