God Gives Us Stability And Unity Through Truth And Latin Mass

With the pope saying all sorts of new stuff everyday, with cardinals contradicting each other, with other bishops and priests speaking against the what the Bible says, we live in a Catholic Church that is in shambles.  Every diocese and parish offers mass differently.

p_download_bodypart.aspThe Body of Christ is being torn to pieces right in front of our eyes.  And, what is worst of all, it is being done right inside the Church by those who should be above all, protecting Jesus’ Body, (In the Holy Eucharist, as well as the His Mystical Body the Church).

Jesus was beaten, scourged, carried the cross and crucified by His own chosen people.  The High priest, the Pharisees, the Scribes, the Teachers of the law and the Sanhedrin were all leaders of God’s Jewish religion.  Instead of welcoming the Messiah, the Christ, they had Him tortured and killed by the pagan Romans.

For the Jewish people, the true King was God.  But His representatives, King Herod tried to kill baby Jesus and later on King Herod made fun of Jesus and treated Him as a lunatic.

But there was always those few who recognize truth and followed Truth, Jesus.  The Apostles and disciples believe Jesus and humbly learned from Him.
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 They would later on be tortured and killed for Him.  “King” Herod had St. James beheaded and St. Peter imprisoned.  St. Peter and St. John were scourged at the orders of the Sanhedrin.  They were told to never preach about Jesus.  But they responded that they had to obey God and preach the Gospel.

st lukes paintingThe Catholic faith that we are standing up for in our own Catholic Church, comes directly from Jesus Christ to His Apostles.
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 It has been handed on by the deposit of faith that these Apostles were tortured and killed for.

We too, need to be willing to suffer to preserve the integrity of Jesus’ teachings.  The early Catholic Christians lost their property, were imprisoned, beaten, made slaves, stoned and tortured to death.  (Just read the Acts of the Apostles and the Martyrology.)

We Catholics that are standing up today for the Unchangeable Catholic doctrine are persecuted and ostracized by most other Catholics.  But we have yet to be imprisoned and tortured to death.

Stephen_Martyrdom_CARRACCI, AnnibaleSt. Stephen Being Stoned To Death

The Prophets, Jesus, the Apostles, the Church Fathers and the saints were abused and at time killed for Divine Truth.  But they knew well what we forget:

  1. this life is short,
  2. this world belongs to the devil and his friends,
  3. judgement is coming
  4. Heaven is our true homeland where we will live and rule with Jesus forever.

Gold_Capuchin Friar3We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to love and know the true God and His Divine Truth.  This is what keeps the Catholic Church together.  This is what unites us with God and one another.  Now we need to keep on praying and acting, knowing that this Great God appreciates the suffering we go through, great or small, for the unity of His Catholic Church.