Prayer For People In Difficult Times To The Divine Nino

z_divino_ninoDivine Child Jesus, In my difficulties, help me.
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From enemies of my soul, save me.

In my errors, enlighten me.

In my doubts and pains, comfort me.

In my solitude, be with me.

In my diseases, invigorate me.

z_divino_nino_ewtnWhen others despise me, encourage me.

In temptations, defend me.

In difficult hours, strengthen me.

With your paternal heart, love me.

And, into your arms, when I die, receive me.

Amen. Divino_Ni_oJesus is our best friend.  He is humble like a child and awesome like a King.  Each day may we seek a deeper and deeper friendship with Him.  He truly is the best friend we can ever ever have.  But as good friends, let us be loyal to Him and obey His loving Laws.
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 He purchased for us the Holy Catholic Church with His Precious Blood of the Cross.  To love Him, is to be in the only Church He founded, the Holy Catholic Christian Church.