Muslims Target Roman Empire Again

As you have read here on my blog, the muslims conquered Constantinople, the center of the Eastern Roman Empire.  Since then, they have sworn and tried to conquer Rome the center of the Western Roman Empire.  They have said that they want to united the Roman Empire under islam and use St. Peters Basilica as a stable for their animals.

IslamJesusistheslaveOn November 13, 2014, after attempts to kill the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by USA drones, he remarked:  “Make the volcanoes of jihad erupt everywhere,”
“The crusaders’ missiles will not stop our advance on Rome“.

As we get softer and softer.  As our Catholic religion goes down hill.  As more and more muslims move into Europe and Italy.  As more an more Catholics become muslims, this threat is real.

We need prayer, true Catholics who have passion for their faith, the Holy Latin Mass and faith in God hearing our prayers.
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