10 Reasons To Respect Jesus (God) In The Latin Mass

If you had the time to look at the video of the talk I gave to a marriage prep class, you will see the some of the reason I want to spread love for the Latin Mass.  It is simple.Lanciano2

  1. God is God.
  2. God is great.
  3. God is love.
  4. God is all powerful.
  5. God created me and for this reason I owe Him obedience and respect.
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  6. God created everything I love and enjoy everyday.
  7. God created the food I eat, the water I drink and the air I breathe.
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  8. God sustains me in existence.
  9. This God is Jesus and present in the Holy Eucharist.
  10. The Latin Mass rubrics guard against any particles falling and being walked on.

There are thousands of other reasons.  But, for this reason alone, we need to love and promote the Holy Latin Mass.

conversionAll over the world, particles of Jesus are on altar clothes, on the floor and on the hands of people.  If you love Jesus, how can you treat Him this way and walk all over Him.  He is God after all.  Many times I offered the New Mass with a large host that is meant to be broken into many pieces.  No matter how hard I tried, small parts would fly off as I would break it.  Any priest who is honest will tell you he has the same experience.

IMG_3208_1We are so blessed to be able to traditional Catholic and respect God in the Holy Eucharist.