Where To Find Latin Mass Rubrics

As a priest, who had to be trained in the Latin Mass, there is always more and more to learn on how to offer the Latin Mass and its correct rubrics.  Also, for all of you laymen who are have the very very important role of training altar boys, there is a great website that has all the correct rubrics.  Here is the URL.  Check it out and you will be very happy to have its help.  It can be found here at Romanitas Press.

Thank you to you people at Romanitas Press for making this important information available for us who are trying to rediscover all the treasures of our Catholic faith.

All Souls_Assumption Grotto

There are also “PROPERS FOR CERTAIN OCCASIONS” here at Usus Antiquior.

All of you priests who continue to learn the Holy Latin Mass, thank you.  It is very difficult, but eternally worth while as you learn how to offer a Mass that is totally centered on God and not on man.

A very important thank you needs to be given to you altar boys.
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 With out your help we could not have the sacredness and beauty of the Holy Latin Mass.  Thank you parents too for driving them to practices, buying the proper shoes and clothes and helping them to serve God is such an exalted way.
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