Pray and Traditional Catholic On

Finally some Cardinals and bishops are breaking rank and file and openly expressing some concern about the teachings and statements of Pope Francis.  We traditional Catholics have been waving the warning flags ever since his election.

2010-burke-cardinalAlthough things are being made clearer, and you can now quote a cardinal or a bishop’s criticism of the pope’s teachings, the environment is still dangerous if you stand up inside of the Church for Catholic morals.  We see this in the demotion of Cardinal Burke.

Nevertheless, we traditional Catholics can breathe a sigh of relief for a few minutes as we no longer have to be the only “bad” Catholic for bringing to light the erroneous teachings of the pope.

Vatican II has divided the Catholic Church.  Where are the fruits of the Holy Spirit; unity in belief, practice and people?  There is no longer any unity in what Catholics believe.  We have ultra progressives, moderate progressives, progressives, indifferent, moderates, orthodox, neo-cats, conservatives, traditionals, super traditional and sedevacantist.

To keep it simple, the answer is that we “just plain Catholics” believe in

  1. everything that is in the Vatican II documents that are consistent with Vatican I, Trent and all the councils that came before it.
  2. We do not accept all the changes to the Catholic faith that were  introduced.
  3. We simply believe what all Catholics have believed for 2000 years
  4. and what is contained in the Bible period.

We will continue to pray, have faith and live and speak Catholic truth.