Republicans, Democrats and Traditional Catholic Christendom

Many Catholics are content with the Nov. elections this year.  Many perceive it as a blow to the powerful democratic president.  (I do not mention his name because I have heard that his administration monitors any critical comments on the internet.  So to avoid this, I just use the word “president”).

bigPolitics swings like a pendulum, the liberal Democrats win, then there is a swing to the more conservative Republicans.  In the meantime, the Democrats become even more extreme in their liberalism; (support for murdering unborn babies and homosexual unions). The most powerful democratic voting block are feminist for murdering babies and homosexuals who want their sin made legal.  The next powerful block of voters are minorities who see the Democrats as the “savior of the poor”.

LIFE-GENDERThe youth also make up a very large democratic voting block because they are hypnotized by the glamor of “CHANGE”.  They also like to have a lot of sex, so abortion is important for them to get rid on a child that might interfere with their getting an education, making money or tying them down to another person.  They also have been indoctrinated at colleges and universities with the feminist ideology that tells them that you have no right make any woman have an unwanted baby.  They also have been sold the idea that homosexuals are discriminated against and their sense of justice demands rights for homosexual “marriage” along with real marriage.  More and more youth are becoming homosexuals because of estrogen from birth control in the ground water, no clear male-female roles in schools or homes and bad home environments where there is just a female head the house.  (I know it is way more complex of an issue, but these are also factors.)

Blacks have voted for the first (half) black president.  (Don’t forget his mother was anglo.)  They also see the Democratic party as their support in receiving welfare and in not being treated with prejudices.

The Hispanics vote democratic because they see it helping the poor and because they promise immigration reform.  (They keep promising, and they believe and vote, yet nothing really is done for them.)

To gain more acceptance and to win, the Republican party has become much more “democratic”.  They have changed their platform to be soft of murdering of babies.  They have also changed when it comes to homosexuals.  They have large conventions of “gay” Republicans.

christ-the-kingBut now for the traditional Catholic TRUTH.  Both parties are bad.  Both have totally sold their “platforms” to the devil.  Yes the Democratic party is more extreme, but the Republican party follows suit close behind them.

Let us traditional Catholics not forget where these parties came from.  The word democrat comes from the Greek words; demos (the common people) and kratos (rule).  This comes from the pagan culture of the Greek world.  It was appropriated by the people and masons who rebelled against God, the Catholic Church and those whom God had given authority to. (Church and state leaders like Cardinals, Bishops, Emperors, King and Queens.)   Their authority comes from below, the people, not from above, God.  (Who runs things below? The devil?)

The word Republic comes from the Latin words: res (matter, affair) and publica (fem. of publicus or the public).  The word used here in the United States comes from the French word; republique.  This republican philosophy came from Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin’s masonic influence in the American revolution against the King of England.  It also became part of the government during and after the French Revolution.

Hopefully you took time to study the articles I published here to explain the renaissance, “secularism”, humanism, the masons and their influence on the American and French revolution against Catholic Christendom.

To make things simple: both the Republican and Democratic parties have the Diest, masonic foundation.  They both believe that authority comes from the people and that people have a right to freedom, equality and brotherhood.

liberty-equality-fraternityWe traditional Catholics also believe in freedom, equality and brotherhood.  But where we differ is there can be no freedom, equality or brotherhood with out grace coming from God.  It does not just happen.

In order to give each other freedom, equality and brotherhood, there has to be Divinely revealed laws that tell us to do this.   Without God’s laws, there is absolutely no bases, foundation for what freedom or equality or brotherhood even means.

Since the renaissance, morals have been divorced from the reason to even believe in what is or what is not moral, what is right and wrong (of course that is God’s Laws).  And that is exactly why we are all suffering so much from criminal activity, break down in the family and selfishness.

P_E_CALLES_CON_PRESIDENTE_-1The masons founded the United States.  They wrote the constitution.  They signed the Declaration of Independence.  The masonic, diest virus is still active in the United States and the masons are still in control of the Democratic and Republican parties.  All most every president of the USA has been a mason.  (Read “The Freemasons In America” H. Paul Jeffers; Citadel Press)

We traditional Catholics believe in adoring and obeying God who created us.  That is why He has authority over us.  Democracy is not working.  Republicanism is not working.  The government of the United States is becoming more and more corrupt and dishonest.  International banks and corporations’ powerful lobbies have great sway and power over many of the politicians.
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 Money makes the government go around corruptly.

PFA89439So let us pray for the return of God’s authority over governments and the laws they enforce.  Let us pray for a holy pope who can govern over the Church with humility and justice.  That he remembers all his authority does not come from being popular, people based, but from God and at death he will give an exact account to God for everything he did in his powerful position.  God’s authority, not the pope’s, (yet the pope has it), is passed on by the pope to the bishops, priests and religious.  The Church rules over Emperors, kings, queens, government leaders and fathers of families.  They in turn humbly rule over those who are under the God given authority they have been given and will have to give account for.

When the resurrected Jesus appeared to the Apostles just before He ascends back into His glory, He admits that all power has been given to Him.  “And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.”  Matthew 28:18

Really good mocking central imageJesus is King, a humble servant king, but a powerful king nonetheless.  May we pray that His rule may return the the United States and all the governments of the world.  And may we be humble loving servants of Jesus in what every authority we may have.  Long Live Christ the King.