Traditional Cassock and Holy Rosary Brings Love And Hope To People

I went to two different jails to visit two young men.  As I approach Durango Jail, a black man approached me saying that he saw I was a clergy.  When he asked for help, I assumed he meant money.  But I stayed quiet and listened.  He asked for prayers for him and his little daughter who had died awhile ago.  I prayed for him and the soul of his daughter.  Then I prayed that he would discover the Holy Catholic Church and the strength he could receive from her.  And I prayed to Our Lady to comfort him in his sorrow, as she could understand from the tragic death of her Son Jesus on the cross.

Vega recién ordenadoOn entering the jail, the young man behind the window told me he was Catholic too.  After a long wait, I was finally able to see the 19 yr. old young man.  His mother had asked me to go see him.  He said he did not want to be a hypocrite and only get close to God when he needed help.  I told him to start reading the New Testament.
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 Many people start with the Old Testament and get bored or confused when they come to Leviticus and Numbers. We got down on our knees and prayed for him, his family, his girlfriend and all the inmates.

Then I went downtown to the other jail.  I had to park in a parking garage and walk quite a way.  I greeted people as I walked around.  Once in the jail, another guard told me he was Catholic.  They have a new thing where you just visit inmates by video.  Here in Phoenix, you will soon be able to do jail visits from home with your computer video camera or your smart phone.

St. Bonaventure receiving Communion from an AngelPlease pray for Jaime.  7 years ago he was racing and got in an accident that took the life of his best friend seated next to him.  But nothing came of it, till he was recently stopped by a police while driving and immediately arrested on a warrant.  He is going to court and they have already told him he is going to do prison time.  Since the accident he has married and has a little girl.  A guard at this jail also told me he was a Catholic.  I told him we work together.  I work to help people stop sinning so that they do not end up in jail.

Walking back to the car, another man in a sheriffs uniform greeted me with a very kind “hello Father”.  We exchange some warm greetings and talked a little about God.

dom09As I walked up the stairs of the parking garage, a well dressed man said to me: “Don’t see many priests in cassock and with a Rosary”.  I asked if he was a Catholic and a lawyer.  He was.  Then he surprises me by telling me how upset he is with what happened to the Mass, the New Mass.  He loves how sacred the Holy Latin Mass was.  I told him that we have the Holy Latin Mass as well as Mater Misericordiae near by the courts downtown.  He asked: “Are these Masses in union with the Church?”  I assured him they are.  He did not know that Pope Benedict had given all priest the right to offer the Latin Mass again.

As I drove out of the parking garaged and paid the money, the woman in the booth was a young black women.  I ask how her day was going.  She very kindly answered “great”.  She then asked what Church I was from.  She ended up telling me she is Catholic and her name was Angelina.  It was a beautiful exchange again.

So it is well worth being a traditional Catholic priest and to be able to be a witness for the Holy Catholic Church in public.