Our Lady Of Guadalupe Crying In Phoenix????

In front of St. Catherine’s Church there is a life size statue of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.  Quite often, people purposely break the plexiglass window that protects it.  A few days ago, the man who donated the statue was repairing the plexiglass again.  When he was cleaning the statue he noticed a brownish fluid flowing down from the right eye of the statue.  He than called me to show me.

IMG_2934Who knows if it is supernatural.  It is highly unlikely that this tan liquid could have come from within the eye socket of the statue.  The statue has been there for over a year now.  But it could have.

But what we do know is that Mary is weeping.  She is our mother.  She is concerned about our salvation.
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 She sees everything clearly from her eternal and heavenly perspective.

She weeps for all the innocent unwanted babies being torn to pieces in abortion mills and thrown in the garbage to be burned.

She weeps for all the souls going to hell because they reject the true Catholic faith for worldly pursuits or in the name of science.

She weeps for her children chained to devils instruments of drugs, pornography, gambling, over eating, social media, alcohol, bad music, sex and all other vices that keeps them enslaved to sin.

Our-Lady-of-Guadalupe-with-childrenShe weeps to see her children being taught sex education in schools and given condoms.

She weeps to see her children suffering from divorce.
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She weeps to see her children believing the lies that homosexual sex is natural and good.

She weeps seeing her children suffering in poverty.

She weeps seeing children being sexually exploited and sold into sex slavery.

She weeps seeing children without good parents to guide them to God.

At least we can try to comfort Our Lady, Our Mother by listening to her Son Jesus and obeying Him.  Our Mother Mary loves us in an unimaginable way, beyond all telling or understanding.  Let us listen to her, pray the Holy Rosary and return a little of her love for us.

Jesus works through His Blessed Mother.  Thank you Jesus for giving us such a great gift. We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and have devotion to Mary our Mother.