More Churches In New York Closing Because Of Fewer Priests And Fewer Practicing Catholics

There seems some very good news and a lot of other bad news about the merging of parishes in New York City.  The bad news is told in two newspapers: “Catholic New York” and the “New York Times“.  Cardinal Dolan tells the people that 112 parishes will merge into 55 new parishes by August 2015.  It seems that most of the churches will be kept, for now?  But usually this is a way of preparing people for the future closing and selling of their parishes.

churches-Artboard_2New York Times Map Of Parishes To be Merged And No Longer Have Their Own Masses

The very good news seems to be that Holy Innocent Parish, where the Holy Latin Mass is offered was not on the list.  It tried to find definite details but was unable.

HolyInnocentsThe New York Times reports that;

“The reorganization announced on Sunday has been long in coming, reflecting demographic trends that have plagued Roman Catholic dioceses across much of the nation for decades. The number of priests has fallen each year, as retirements outpace ordinations. And attendance has been declining; as of 2013, only about 12 percent of the New York archdiocese’s 2.8 million Catholics regularly attended Sunday Mass, according to the archdiocese.”

In the article called ‘Dying … and Rising’, Cardinal Dolan stated: “We no longer have the priests to serve 368 parishes.”

The question begs to be asked: Where is the so called “Rising”, it is evident it is much more “Dying”.  Why do the Cardinals and bishops not come out and be honest and admit what is going on and why they are closing many of the parishes. The reasons are:

  1. Many Catholics are falling away from the faith and becoming evangelicals, non-denominationals, protestants, Jehovah witnesses, mormons and atheists,
  2. Many no longer practice their Catholic faith,
  3. There are very very few native born vocations to the priesthood,
  4. Most of the seminarians and priests are now coming from foreign countries.  (But that too will soon dry up as these countries also become more secularized).

The “Great New Spring Time Of The New Evangelization Of Vatican II” has never happened.  And if you and I may happen to point out this truth, we are evil and against the magisterium when we are merely point out the scientific facts of the post Vatican II church.

Simon Marmion_Mass of St. Greg_Bk Hrs_Belgium_1475-85_Morgan_m6.154raLet us keep on asking God in prayer that our pope, cardinals, bishops, religious and priests will return to the truth in the Bible and the 2000 years of Catholic magisterium and practices.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to not be tossed around in the stormy sea of constantly changing man made doctrines that are base on human philosophy and popularity.   We are standing on the ROCK of Jesus Christ and His divine revealed truth.