After Jesus, Every Child Is The Greatest Gift Anyone Can Receive From God

God loves us so much, that he sent His only Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to come and be in the womb of Mary. This is the Greatest Gift God could give to us, a tiny child, God’s only begotten Son, born in Bethlehem.

Nativity_GHIRLANDAIO, DomenicoJesus grew up, preached, did miracles and cast out demons. But then, this beautiful gift from God, His only Son, was crucified on the cross by us.

Hours of Ulrich von Montfort_ca.1515-20_Vienna_Oesterreichische Nationalbitliothek_Cod. 2748, folAfter this great gift, God gives us children. Children are the greatest gift, after Jesus Christ, that anyone can receive from God. But many people, after one or two, absolutely do not want any more of God’s tiny gifts.  If only people could realize what they are turning down when they refuse to have more children; a precious gift from God.

LIFE-GENDEROur society teaches us that things, material things, like houses, cars, boats, clothing, jewelry, computers, televisions, are what make us happy. But none of those things can hug us, talk to us, love us and help us, and be there for us for the rest of our lives.

SONY DSCWhen we die, we will be asked by God why would be not receive all these wonderful gifts of children that He wanted so badly to give us. He will then show us all the children that he planned to give us.  We will see how they would have look, what they would have done and all the great love, help and joy they would’ve brought into our family. But then it will be too late.  And we will be covered in shame for refusing these gifts.

IMG_7451Many Catholics use birth control or natural family planning, or will actually kill their unborn babies, because they do not want any more children.  This spells out to mean; I do not want any more gifts from God. Many couples who are using natural family planning have told me how sad they are when the wife gets pregnant or thinks she might be pregnant. Instead of being opened to life and joyful, they became very sad.

van veilEach one of us is one of those very special precious gift from God. We are happy that we were given life by our parents. We do not want to die. So that shows that we are glad we were born. But when it comes to letting other children be born, we are too selfish to let them.

IMG_0005Here at St. Catherine’s Parish, we had Catechism last night.  The parents also are obliged to attend 1 1/2 hour classes too.  With great joy I blessed quite a few pregnant women.  One told me, you are responsible for me and my husband having this child.

IMG_3266After saving children from being aborted, my next greatest joy is allowing children to come into this world.  I am also fighting immorality, that causes this world to be messed up for these children.  They deserve parents who are married till death, happiness, good Catholic teaching, brothers and sisters and a safe place to live.

SONY DSCBy Preaching Against Abortion I Saved Anastasia’s, (Greek For Resurrection), Life

Traditional Catholics are having many more children than others.  We will out live progressives, modernist, feminist, atheist and so called Catholics who use birth control. IT is a blessing to be traditional Catholic and in the long run to have many many gifts from God called children.

IMG_3264Many people do not have more children because of fear.  Fear comes from the devil and faith and trust comes from God.  God provides.  There is a Mexican saying; “Every child comes with a sandwich under his arm”, meaning God will always provide food for them.