Keep On Sharing Truth And Your Love For Traditional Catholicism

Youth want a serious religion.  They want something that has passion and strong precepts.  Traditional Catholicism has sacredness, solemnity, beauty and passion.  Each one of us can do a lot about sharing Jesus’ true faith, the Catholic faith with others.
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 Here is a list.l_809a0e84f39e48f0bf203f6d4f32954c

  1. Pray with blind faith that the Holy Spirit will convert hearts to know truth.
  2. Live a holy life.  Just your example speaks volumes without uttering a single word.
  3. Share your love for the Holy Latin Mass.mass_54_questions
  4. Invite your family and friends to go and experience the sacredness, beauty and silence at the Latin Mass.
  5. Remind them that the Catholic Church has offered the Latin Mass for the last 1800 years, while the New Mass is only 44 years old.
  6. Speak to them about the difference between traditional Catholic morals and the “new immoral” morals.
  7. images 3Show people the statistics that so many people were converting to the Catholic Church 50 years ago and how so many are leaving now.
  8. Compare scientific evidence of the great numbers of vocations to the priesthood and religious life 50 years ago and so few today.  holy_orders_picture
  9. Ask them how many of their own family members have left the Catholic faith and of those who still are Catholics still believe in and practice the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  10. Tell them that most Catholics practiced their faith by going to mass 50 years ago.  Since then many Catholic Churches have been closed, sold and wrecked.
  11. Ask them if they have noticed that there is more crime, violence, fighting, drugs, robbery, divorce, pornography, hate.  Then tell then the truth that this comes from the breakdown of Christian morals.
  12. Ask them if they sense something is going terribly wrong in the world today.
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  13. Keep learning your Catholic faith so that when people have questions you can give them good answers.  If you do not know the answer, just go to the 1914 Catholic Encyclopedia and get the answer.  They learn and you of the assumption
  14. Read and share the truth from the Bible.  It is the Word of God and has power beyond and above our mere words.
  15. Remind them that most traditional Catholics are young, have a stronger faith and have more children, so that in the long run will survive.
  16. Tell them that liberal Catholic’s children usually leave the Catholic faith.
  17. Invite them to make a good examination of conscience and to humbly and sorrowfully go to confession.  Tell them they will have great peace afterwards.
  18. Give archeological evidence of the antiquity of the Catholic faith.PapstBenediktOrgel
  19. Show where all the protestant and non denomination and other religions came from. Only the Catholic Church comes from Jesus, while all other christian religions were founded by men and women.
  20. Show beautiful pictures of the Cathedrals and an art inspired by traditional Catholicism.

248_CoronationWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know these truths.  Now we just need to be brave and share God’s true religion with others.  God and facts will do the rest.