Guard Shot In Ottawa Ontario Canada By Muslim Convert

I graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa Ontario, the Capital of Canada.  It was one of the most beautiful and safe place to live in the world.
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 Other than the very cold winters, it was a great place.  Canadians are very warm and in a way, more laid back than we are here in the United States.

BN-FD721_ottawa_G_20141022183905Photo From Wall Street Journal

So when a muslim shoots a guard at the Canadian National War Memorial right next to their Parliament building, it is big news.  This happened last Wednesday, Oct. 22.  The gunman  then went into the Parliament building and was shot inside.  After that, downtown Ottawa was locked down and the military combed the streets.

The muslim convert was born Michael Joseph Hall.  Hall is an English name, but Michael and Joseph are Catholic names.  I wonder if he had been Catholic and never been taught the true faith?  His muslim name was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.
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 The name of the killed guard was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.  Cirillo is an Italian Catholic name.

The next day, the parliament held a moment of silence.  What does a moment of silence do to stop muslim killing?  Absolutely nothing.  Prayer yes, but the secularist moments of silence has absolutely no effect.  They do these moments of silence so that no one is offended by a prayer to the God who created them and whom they have kicked out of the Canadian Government like everywhere else.queen-shocked--aQueen Elizabeth Sent Here Condolences to Canada Photo From Hello

Let us pray for Canada and for the conversion of all muslims to be enthusiastic Catholics.