Who Do You Want Watching You, “Big Brother” Or “Christ The King”

Before when communism was not popular in the United States, you would hear the saying that in Russia and China, “Big Brother” is watching you.  That meant that the communist government was spying and watching everything you did.  It is a lot like what is happening with our government collecting all our computer and cell phone information.

communism_doesn't_workAs we have gotten rid of obeying Christ The King’s laws; (Ten Commandments And The New Testament), we have to obey “Big Brother’s” laws.  Not too long ago the Ten Commandments were to some extent honored here in the United States.  There were real laws against using birth control, abortion and homosexual sex, (“sodomy laws”).  Now Big Brother and Big Sister (In the case of the mayor of Houston), are watching you if you go against the LGBT group or will not “marry” homosexual couples.  You are in trouble if you keep Christ the Kings laws.

ForGodandCountryJesus is God.  Jesus Created us.  Jesus died on the cross to redeem and save us from death and hell.  Jesus loves us infinitely more than “Big Brother and Big Sister”.

From Constantine till the Renaissance, Jesus Christ was King of the Roman Empire.  That is called Christendom.  God gives authority to popes who gave it to cardinals, bishops, abbesses, emperors, kings and queens.  The Catholic Church’s authority was respected and obeyed.  Popes, emperors and kings were obeyed.

christ-the-kingI will be the first to say that Christendom was never perfect.  There was all sorts of abuse of power and wealth by bad popes, cardinals, bishops, emperors, kings and queens (and everyone else).  Concupiscence, original sin, always wrecks things.  But that does not say that Christendom in itself is bad.  The evil is in the rulers and the people, not the power and legal system created by God.

800px-Carlow_Cathedral_St_Patrick_Preaching_to_the_Kings_2009_09_03Under Christendom, there were injustices and corruption.  There were unjust capital punishment and imprisonment.  But over all it was a very good way of enforcing God’s rules and governing and taking care of people.

You can criticize it all you want.  But that does not make you right.  Just look at the democratic government we have here in the United States.  There is corruption.  We pay enormous taxes to the government.  No one is happy with the Democrats or the Republicans.  Most people no longer vote because it is a sham.

Our government continues to do subversive military activity in many parts of the world.  We continue to fight a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It dictates to poor countries who need financial aid that they have to have abortions, birth control, condoms, and promote homosexuality in order to get finical help.

Under this democratic government and penal system, 2.3 million adults are in prison or jail, 4.8 million are on probation and another 7 million are under correctional supervision.  Is this good?  What is wrong with “Big Brother” (US Government)? Or little brother (the average citizen).

Under Christendom there was way fewer people incarcerated.

PFA89439No matter what you or I think.  God wants to be the boss and will be in the end.  He is honest, just, fair and loving.  I would rather have Him dictating my life than all these corrupt politicians.  And whether you like it or not, in the end, Christ the King will judge you and rule you at death.  Why not be subject to Him right now?

At this second in time I can do almost anything I want.  But eventually I will come before the “Judge”, The King, God.  Then He will have all the say.  Right now I can be rebellious against God’s rules, small or big.  But only for a short time.

José_Gil_de_Castro_isabel_portugalMost Catholics and people choose to disobey God’s rules in small or big ways.  But it always catches up with them someday.  It is like not paying a traffic ticket.  Eventually you will be caught and have to pay way more.  It is like smoking, eating too much, having sex before marriage, all this will have a lasting effect on you, sooner or later, and whether you like it or not.  I just talked with a woman who caught Herpes.  25 % of people in the USA have Herpes.  It is incurable.

All this has happened by kicking God’s rules out of government.  In HIs place we have put the “god MAN”.  We are in, God is out.  “It is my life, it is my body, and I will do with it what I want”.  No God, No interior peace.  Know God, Know interior peace.

To have Christendom like Jesus wants we need to:

  1. Acknowledge God as our King and totally obey Him and His laws.
  2. Be holy popes, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests, emperors, kings, queens, civic leaders, parents and children.
  3. Humbly obey God’s rules.
  4. Not be materialistic or put our treasures in this life, but in heaven.
  5. Be humble servants who serve rather than be served.
  6. Be transparent and totally honest.

If you want to obey Christ the King, you will be happier and will reign with Jesus for ever.  He is a humble loving King, only looking out for our good.  He wants to share His divine Kingship with all of us who love, trust and obey Him in this life.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be working for the restoration of the Temporal Rule of Jesus Christ as King over Creation, the Catholic Church and all Governments.