St. Anthony Marie Claret


St. Antony María Claret, was born at Sallent in Spain, of pious and respectable parents. As a youth he practiced the weaver’s trade, but later became priest. After some time in the parochial ministry, he went to Rome, hoping that the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith would send him to the foreign missions. 098_PreacherAntonioClaretBut God disposed otherwise, and he returned to Spain, where he traveled throughout Catalonia and the Canary Islands as an apostolic missionary. Besides writing many worthwhile books, he founded the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Having been appointed archbishop of Santiago in Cuba, he was conspicuous for the virtues of a zealous shepherd. He restored the seminary, promoted the teaching and the discipline of the clergy, started projects for social welfare, and founded the teaching Sisters of Mary Immaculate for the Christian education of girls. St Antonio Maria ClaretAt length having been summoned to Madrid, to become confessor to the Queen of Spain and her adviser in the most serious affairs of the Church, he gave an outstanding example of austerity and of all virtues. At the Vatican Council he strenuously defended the infallibility of the Pope.
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Anthony Mary Claret_photoHe was responsible for a remarkable spread of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and her Rosary. Finally he died in exile at Fontfroide in France in the year 1870. Renowned for his miracles, he was beatified by Pope Pius XI and canonized by Pius XII.  1960 Roman Breviary

“As archbishop of Santiago Cuba, the seminary was reorganized, clerical discipline strengthened, and over nine thousand marriages validated within the first two years. He erected a hospital and numerous schools. Three times he made a visitation of the entire diocese, giving local missions incessantly.
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Naturally his zeal stirred up the enmity and calumnies of the irreligious, as had happened previously in Spain. Fifteen attempts were made on his life, and at Holguin his cheek was laid open from ear to chin by a would-be assassin’s knife.” Catholic Encyclopedia

I will expel the Devil that hovers over this audience.” and after saying the words of exorcism, there would be lightning and strange noises.

Everywhere he went he stood up to liberalism.  The masons and other enemies would spread lies about him and tried to kill him.

When he was recalled by the Queen Isabella II to Spain, St. Anthony cursed the island of Cuba because the people there rejected God and would not reform.  It too soon became independent from Spain.  Then it became a tourist spot for the United States with evil entrainment.  Eventually the Communist finalized the curse.

098_IsabellaIIQueen Isabella II went along with much of the liberalism of her time.  St. Anthony influenced her to be a better Catholic.  The masons retaliated and had her exiled.  They then rushed to make Spain a Republic.  But it didn’t work and eventually Spain returned to a monarchy.