Comment Frome Uganda On St. Charles Lwanga


“Thank you Father for all the postings that I receive, read religiously, treasure and meditate upon. Thank you for zealously upholding the beauty of our Catholic Faith and reminding us of the importance of memory. As a Ugandan Catholic, the witness of the Ugandan martyrs remains a challenge to me and my fellow Catholics to respond unreservedly to the Gospel of Christ in our own situation.
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Saint John Paul II said the following in his homily at the Uganda Martyrs Shrine at Namugongo during his Apostolic visit in February 1993:
“All that is truly African, all that is true and good and noble in Africa’s traditions and cultures, is meant to find its fulfilment in Christ. The Uganda Martyrs show this clearly: they were the truest of Africans, worthy heirs of the virtues of their
charles-lwanga-50-148x350We, Catholics in Uganda, also share many of the challenges that currently plague fellow Catholics in sister local churches in the West, i.e. poor catechesis, anthropocentric liturgies, broken families, gender ideologies propagated in the name of modernity, materialism, among others.
Personally, I came to love Traditional Catholicism from the stories told by my mother who was educated by the Bernadine sisters in Uganda and the United Kingdom, the photos she has of Catholic religious and liturgical life before V2, and then my own experience of the TLM in the UK as a Ph.
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D student as well as lots of reading. I sorely miss the TLM here in Uganda but find solace in your postings.
God bless you Father.”