St. Theresa Of Avila Was Not Progressive, Went Backwards To Original Traditional Carmelite Rule

St. Theresa of Avila is obviously one of the greatest Catholic saints.  She is a mystic and doctor of the Church.  She died Oct. 4th. 1582

St.-Teresa-7Her body is incorrupt to this day and you can see her incorrupt heart that was pierced by God’s angel at her “Transverberation”.

St.-Teresa-10Incorrupt Heart Of St. Theresa Of Avila With Spear Hole In It

She believed greatly in exorcized holy water in chasing the demons away.  St Joseph was her constant protector.

As time had gone on, the Carmelite Order had become lax in its poverty, prayer and silence.  Like St. Theresa, many of the nuns had come from wealthy nobel families.  There was a lot of worldly life going on in the convents with many wealthy visitors.  Even many nuns had “private property” lent to them by their wealthy families.

St.-Teresa-of-AvilaSo she decided to go back to the original Carmelite Rule.  She shows us that going back, rather than forward is good.  She decided against the sisters being involved in apostolates outside the cloister.  She founded many small communities that truly lived silent lives of contemplation.  She is a doctor on how to live the contemplative life.

St.-Teresa-9Arm Of St. Theresa Of Avila

Her reformed Order is called Discalced Carmelites because they went back to being barefoot.

St.-Teresa-11Tomb Of St. Theresa Of Avila

She also was persecuted by the Church, along with her helper (with the reformation of her order), St. John of the Cross.  So when we traditional Catholics want to go back to Catholic basics, do not be surprised that we also are being persecuted by the Church too.  We are so blessed to suffer for working for the purity of Catholic truth.