Antichrist And Traditional Catholic Dream

I think it will not be too long before the Government will be stopping and questioning and arresting us traditional Catholics.  It will be because we will not go along with the antichrist, Illuminati, homosexual “marriages” or abortion.
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illuminati2With that in mind I will tell of a very interesting dream I had last night.  I do not put much importance in dreams, but this one was a bit telling.

I was walking through a traffic tunnel when the person I was with pointed out some young men in the middle of the street arresting anyone who claimed to be Catholic.  I had passed by them and wanted to go on, but I knew I had a moral obligation to return.  Immediately they recognized me as a priest.  Whatever they were going to do to me, I thought would be painful.

The next thing I know is that I had come back to consciousness and surprised that what they had done to me had not hurt.  But I know that I am changed some how.  I went upstairs in a building to a bathroom to look at myself in a mirror to see how I had changed, but there was no mirror.

Stephen of Hungary_illumI tried to get a ride back to central California from a man but was told that he couldn’t help.
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 I went walking around looking for a way.  Some people gave me some food to.  I noticed that my money in my pants had been taken by those men and replaced with fake money.

Because I had no money to pay to get me where I wanted to go, I decide to just hitchhike.  I asked the way to northern California.  A man showed me the way.  Then he had me visit a restaurant art gallery that had pagan things in it.  The End.