Devil, Marijuana, and Blood Vs Clean Traditional Catholic Soul

Here in the United States, I would guess that half of the youth are smoking marijuana.  Over the last 20 years it has become a even more potent strand.  There are terrible effects: spiritually, mentally and physically from the use of marijuana on the youth and on society.


I have visited Juvenile Hall for over 30 years.  All of the youth that were on marijuana had a constant angry attitude toward their parents, were very disobedient and were getting in trouble with the law.  As soon as they were in Juvenile Hall long enough for the marijuana to get out of their systems, (a month), they became good, respectful sons and daughters again.

Marijuana leads to the use of stronger drugs, is “a gateway drug” that also leads to more substance abuse later on in life.

Cocaine: 62 percent of adults who had used marijuana in their teenage years had tried cocaine at some time in their lives.  Those who had never smoked marijuana, the rate was less than a percent.

Heroin: 9 percent of those who used marijuana in their youth tried heroin.  0.1 percent of those who never did tried heroin.

Psychotherapeutic drugs:  More than half of all youth who used marijuana tried some type of psychotherapeutic drug.  5 percent of all others had tried some type of psychotherapeutic drug.

Prescription drug abuse especially pain killers: Youth who mess around with marijuana begin to abuse prescription drugs too.

Last year, 2.1 million Americans tried marijuana for the first time.  A disproportionate amount of Hispanic youth are using marijuana.

Ruben Baler at the National Institute on Drug Abuse stated:

“at a time when the brain should be at a clear state of mind, and accumulating, memory and data and good experiences that should be laying out the foundation for the future.”

“cumulatively impairing (their) cognitive function. What’s going to be the ultimate result, nobody can say.”


  • “Marijuana use is associated with addiction, respiratory illnesses, and cognitive impairment.
  • “Marijuana is also the second leading substance for which people receive drug treatment and a major cause for visits to emergency rooms.
  • “Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has almost tripled over the past 20 years, raising serious concerns about implications for public health — especially among adolescents, for whom long-term use of marijuana may be linked with lower IQ (as much as an average 8 point drop) later in life.”  White House website

You can read a short article on the bad effects of using marijuana at National Institute on Drug Abuse.

My brother, who is a physician in Hollister, told me that studies published in the New England Medical Journal showed a high rate of depression in youth and young adults who have smoked marijuana where there had never been previous depression in their family medical history.

The smoke inhaled and the smoke from the paper the drug is wrapped in is very harmful to the lungs.

But the greatest evil about Marijuana is the trail of blood and violence everywhere it is grown and sold.  Mexico is a complete disaster right now from all the drug cartels that bring marijuana into the USA and other parts of the world.  Constant torture and killing over growing, transporting and selling marijuana.

Everyone who smokes marijuana has that blood on their hands too.  I remember on a Good Friday, a youth from St. Jude’s parish in Ceres California came up to me all beaten up.  I ask him what had happened.  He told me that he was selling marijuana when he was beaten up and the marijuana stolen.

If you search marijuana, I am sure you will find all sorts of propaganda on how great marijuana is.  I have been told that it is the greatest thing ever and that the government doesn’t want people to know this and made it illegal.  That is a pure lie from the devil.

Marijuana affects the way you perceive things.  You are not in your normal mind when you are high on marijuana.  You are willing to do things you would not dare do when sober when under its influence.  It make you lethargic, passive, slow and dumb.

Over and over again during my 9 years of working full time with the homeless at St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz California, they would tell me that it was natural and that in the Bible it says God gave us all things and that they are good.  Do you rub poison oak all over you?  Do you eat Hemlock?

Most people, who were very happy sober, want to experience the sensation of being high on drugs or getting drunk.  They want to extra experience, the forbidden experience.  They get it, but they will pay a price for it too.

masaccio-46753_238x238Adam and Eve were totally satisfied with perfection in paradise, until the devil lied to them and got them wanting even “more” than the wonderful life they lived.  They talked with God as friends, were very comfortable with being naked, there was perfect harmony between Adam a man and Eve a woman, all their bodily and mental appetites were in order, they experience deep happiness, love and peace every second of their life, they were eternally young and got along with the animals.  But as soon as they attempted to experience the other forbidden pleasure, they lost almost all of the perfect pleasures and life they had.

That is how it is with drugs and other sins.  Children are born full of joy, happiness and innocence.  But once they are tempted by family, friends and the devil to try other forms of “happiness”, they loose most of what they had and gain nothing but problems and depression.

9f9eebd4c494f145336e51b8a6ddda6bWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that God loves us and that is why He tells us to not use drugs or to sin.  We value the spiritual paradise we live in.  We suffer plenty of persecution from other Catholics.  We suffer persecution from other worldly people.  But none of that can take away our spiritual paradise where we live in God’s love and love Him in return with all our hearts.  We are able to commune with Him in the Holy Latin Mass and we sleep peacefully at night because our consciences are clean.

St. Paul says it very clearly: “Envies, murders, drunkenness, (intoxication from alcohol or drugs), revellings, and such like. Of the which I foretell you, as I have foretold to you, that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God.”  Gal. 5:21