Dead Body Of Empress Isabella Converted St. Francis Borgia

Please take a little time to read the life of one of the greatest movers and shakers of the 1500’s, St. Francis Borgia.  Catholic Encyclopedia

Francis Borgia_At the Deathbed of an Impenitent_Goya y Lucientes, Francisco deSt. Francis Borgia At the Deathbed of an Impenitent Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

As you will see, he was one of the finest royal persons to exist, he was vain, rich, brilliant and powerful.   But all that began to change on May 1st. 1538, when the Roman Empress Isabella died in Toledo Spain.  Don Francisco de Borja was her equerry and was put in charge of the transportation of the Empress’ body to Granada.

To this day there is a marble cross on the road from Toledo to Granada, where St. Francis had to remove the clothe covering the body of the Empress and declare that it did indeed contain her body before it could be brought into the city.  St. Francis describes what he experienced:

“Had I not accompanied the bier all the way from Toledo, I could not say that this was the Empress.”  He said this because the beautiful Empress’ body had so quickly changed and decomposed.

One of his biographers, Padre Ribadeneyra, wrote that at this instant Duke Francisco “recognized the vanity of all that the world prizes so highly; and it inspired him with disdain for all that is transient and with a good, efficacious desire to know what is true and enduring and to bring it about, be it at the cost of great hardship, suffering and persecution.”


Death_Dance of_stained glass_detailAt this point, St. Francis came to his senses and realized the fleeting glamor of this world and set his glory on the never ending world with Jesus in heaven.  He wrote:

What shall we do, Soul, what shall we seek?

Have you not seen, Soul, how the brightest and most precious things of earth end?

If death treats earth’s splendor so, who can resist it?

That same death has his arrow directed at you.

Were it not well to die to the world in life in order to live with God in death?

Give me, O God, give me Your light, give me Your Spirit. … Nevermore will I serve a master who can die on me.”

When St. Francis’ wife died, he renounced his royal rights and joined the Society of Jesus. He continued to work for the Pope and the Emperor for the good of the Catholic Church.

He also sent many young priests into the missions of India, the Far East and the Americas.  Sixty six of his sons were martyred for the Catholic faith.  The most well known are the fifty three Brazilian missionaries (including Bl. Ignacio de Azevedo), who were killed by the Huguenot (heretics) pirates in the Cannery Islands.

The progressive modernist feminist have their power here and now.  But like St. Francis Borgia, you and I will all die and go before the eternal power of God for judgement.

Yesterday I offered a Requiem Mass for some of our parishioners brother/uncle who died yesterday suddenly in a car accident. Here are a some of words of the hymn Dies Irae that I read to them to meditate on for the homily.  Now you meditate on them.


Day of wrath, day of anger
will dissolve the world in ashes,
as foretold by David and the Sibyl.
Great trembling there will be
when the Judge descends from heaven
to examine all things closely.

The trumpet will send its wondrous sound
throughout earth’s sepulchres
and gather all before the throne.

Death and nature will be astounded,
when all creation rises again,
to answer the judgement.
A book will be brought forth,
in which all will be written,
by which the world will be judged.

When the judge takes his place,
what is hidden will be revealed,
nothing will remain unavenged

What shall a wretch like me say?
Who shall intercede for me,
when the just ones need mercy?

photoWas Manuel who died prepared????????  photoAre you prepared????

It is so wonderful to be traditional Catholics and to live each day trying our best to love an serve Jesus, obeying Him and working to save souls from hell and to get them into the joys of heaven.