Synod Should Study What Jesus Taught St. Bridget About Good And Bad Catholic Families

We traditional Catholic have to sadly hear about the attempt to redefine Catholic Marriage at the Extraordinary Bishop’s Synod in Rome.  For this reason I think it worth while taking a serious look at what Jesus told St. Bridget about marriage and the children that come from them.  Marriage is the housing in which the family is created and protected.

A_005_Wedding_PdeV1-31to2-6_01In the mystical communications of Jesus with St. Bridget, Jesus puts the evil marriages first and the good marriages last.  But I have taken the liberties to reverse it, so that maybe someone who does not like to read or study much, at least will read about what Jesus considers a good marriage and try to put that into practice in their marriage.

1938 WEDDINGFor that reason, I wish to turn to the spiritual marriage, the kind that is appropriate for God to have with a chaste soul and chaste body. There are seven good things in it opposed to the evils mentioned above:

1) there is no desire for beauty of form or bodily beauty or lustful sights, but only for the sight and love of God.

2) there is no desire to possess anything else than what is needed to survive, and just the necessities with nothing in excess. 

3) they avoid vain and frivolous talk.

4) they do not care about seeing friends or relatives, but I am their love and desire.

5) they desire to keep the humility inwardly in their conscience and outwardly in the way they dress.

6) they never have any will of leading lustful lives.

7) they beget sons and daughters for their God through their good behavior and good example and through the preaching of spiritual words. 

They preserve their faith undefiled when they stand outside the doors of my church where they give me their consent and I give them mine. They go up to my altar when they enjoy the spiritual delight of my Body and Blood in which delight they wish to be of one heart and one body and one will with me, and I, true God and man, mighty in heaven and on earth, shall be as the third with them and will fill their heart. The worldly spouses begin their marriage in lustful desires like brute beasts, and even worse than brute beasts! But these spiritual spouses begin in love and fear of God and do not bother to please anyone but me. The evil spirit fills and incites those in the worldly marriage to carnal lust where there is nothing but unclean stench, but those in the spiritual marriage are filled with my Spirit and inflamed with the fire of my love that will never fail them

I am one God in three Persons, and one in Divinity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Just as it is impossible for the Father to be separated from the Son and the Holy Spirit to be separated from them both, and as it is impossible for warmth to be separated from fire, so it is impossible for these spiritual spouses to be separated from me; I am always as the third with them. Once my body was ravaged and died in torments, but it will never more be hurt or die. Likewise, those who are incorporated into me with a true faith and a perfect will shall never die away from me; for wherever they stand or sit or walk, I am always as the third with them.”

Countess+Caroline+de+Lannoy+Wedding+Prince+wDA8hkiXLWUlBut people in this age are joined in marriage for seven bad reasons:

1) because of facial beauty.

2) because of wealth.

3) because of the despicable pleasure and indecent joy they get out of their impure intercourse.

4) because of feasts with friends and uncontrolled gluttony.

5) because of vanity in clothing and eating, in joking and entertainment and games and other vanities.

6) for the sake of procreating children but not to raise them for the honor of God or good works but for worldly riches and honor.

7) they come together for the sake of lust and they are like brute beasts in their lustful desires.

JP Wedding-130They come to the doors of my church with one mind and consent, but all their desires and inner thoughts are completely against me. They prefer their own will, which aims at pleasing the world, instead of my will. If all their thoughts and wishes were directed toward me, and if they entrusted their will into my hands and entered into wedlock in fear of me, then I would give them my consent and be as the third with them. But now is my consent, which should be their most precious thing, gone from them, because they have lust in their heart and not my love. Thereafter, they go up to my altar where they hear that they should be one heart and one soul, but then my heart flees from them because they have not the warmth of my heart and know not the taste of my body

They seek the warmth and sexual lust that will perish and love the flesh that will be eaten by worms. Therefore do such people join in marriage without the bond and union of God the Father and without the Son’s love and without the Holy Spirit’s consolation. When the couple comes to the bed, my Spirit leaves them immediately and the spirit of impurity approaches instead because they only come together for the sake of lust and do not discuss or think about anything else with each other. But my mercy is still with them if they will be converted to me. Because of my great love, I place a living soul created by my power into their seed. Sometimes I let evil parents give birth to good children, but more often, evil children are born of evil parents, since these children imitate the evil and unrighteous deeds of their parents as much as they are able and would imitate it even more if my patience allowed them. Such a married couple will never see my face unless they repent. For there is no sin so heavy or grave that penitence and repentance does not wash it away. 

2012copenhagentlmwedding_ratificationSaint Caesar of Arles says: “AS OFTEN AS HE KNOWS HIS WIFE WITHOUT A DESIRE FOR CHILDREN…WITHOUT A DOUBT HE COMMITS SIN.” (W. A. Jurgens, The Faith of The Early Fathers, Vol. 3: 2233)

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to up hold what God defined marriage to be and a holy happy family to be.