St. Bridget Of Sweden

saint-bridgetBorn in Sweden of noble and devout parents, Bridget lived a very holy life. She was so affected by meditating on the Passion of the Lord that she could not think thereon without tears. She was given in marriage to Ulpho, Prince of Nericia, and urged him to godly works, as well by her noble example as by her earnest words. She educated her children most devoutly and served the poor and the sick. Her husband became a Cistercian monk and died soon after, and Bridget thereupon adopted a more austere way of life. Many secret things were then divinely revealed to her.
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She founded the monastery of Vadstena under the Rule of the Holy Saviour, and went to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage. Finally at Rome, when she had suffered for a whole year from a grave illness, she went to heaven. Renowned for miracles, she was enrolled among the Saints by Boniface IX.
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