St. Bruno Oct. 6

450px-Cartuja_de_Moraflores_Burgos_-_San_Bruno_de_Manuel_Pereira“St. Bruno, the founder of the Carthausian Order, was born at Cologne. From his boyhood he excelled in the soberness of his ways and his desire for solitude. His parents sent him to Paris, and there he made such progress in the study of philosophy and theology that he earned the degree of doctor and master in both faculties. Not long after, because of outstanding virtues he was anointed a Canon of the church Rheims. Having founded the Carthusian Order and having led a hermit’s life in this Order for some years, he was summoned to Rome by Urban II, who had been his disciple. In those calamitous times, the Pope made use of Bruno’s counsel and learning for several years. Finally the man of God, who had refused the archbishopric of Rheims, was allowed to depart. He again sought a Place of solitude, and there, full of virtutes and merits, he fell asleep in the Lord.” 1960 Breviary

m503604_93de2329_pI also read long time ago that St. Bruno left Paris and became a hermit when Raymond Diocres, a professor at Sorbonne died.  He had a universal reputation of learning and virtue.
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 When the Office of the Dead got to the part where they read the scripture where Job asks: ‘What are my faults and my sins? My misdeeds and my sins make known to me!
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’ Raymond sat up on his bier and said “that the prayers were useless because he was damned for all eternity”.  He never moved again.  But St. Bruno did move immediately away from his vain academic persuits to become a hermit, praying and doing penance.