Immodest Dressed Women Cause Traffic Jam Here In Phoenix

Almost every week there are people on the street corners asking for donations or to have your car washed.  They do it some times to raise money for someone’s funeral expenses.  Usually there are young women dressed in shorts holding the signs and screaming “Car wash, donation”.
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Archuke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen | Spiering PhotographyWealthy Classy Catholic Women Dressed Modestly For Her Wedding

Thursday evening, I was driving back to church when I noticed five young women at a gas station talking together.  They were with a group who were doing a car wash.  But this time they were even more exceptionally sexually dressed.  One had like a bathing suit top and the others had tight tight short short shorts on.  You could not avoid looking at them.  They were all talking together facing each other.  It seemed as if they knew that they were extremely provocatively dressed and were a bit embarrassed.

That evening, in wedding preparation class, I talked about modesty, sin and what I had seen.  Another woman in the class had passed by later.  She told the class that these young women had actually caused a traffic jam as all the men driving by were slowing down to see these women dressed like “sex stars”.

St_Elizabeth_Ann_Seton_portraitModest Catholic Nun

Feminist would blame the traffic jam on the men slowing down to look.  Yes men should not be looking.  But the blame is on the women purposely dressing immodestly to have men look at them.
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 These women, and all women who dress immodestly are to blame for men staring at them.

20111228-165118Modest Mother Mary, The Perfect Example Of Womanhood

Men sin in lusting after these sexually provocative women, they need to have custody of the eyes.  Anything that will cause us men to start to lust has to be turned away from instantly and put out of mind.  But the instigators of the sin (the immodest women) are more guilty.   I know most women will not agree.  But they will see when they die who is right or wrong.  Our Lady of Fatima is not wrong.  The Bible is not wrong.  They will see.

qeii2Queen Elizabeth has simple good taste, or what you could call class.  She is never seen in pants, dresses above the knees or low neck line.  If you can not dress modestly for Jesus or Mary’s sake, at least dress so to be classy.