Why Blog Failed And 10 Reasons Young Traditional Catholic Techies Should Blog

As simple as they say it is, there are still some very complicated components in having a blog.  I still am learning and am still confused.  Here are some things I have learned.

Madonna and Child_San Domenico Altarpiece (detail)_ANGELICO, Fra1) You need a web-based software program (like I have WordPress) that you use to build and maintain your blog.  At this website you do all the writing and putting on pictures to your blog.

2) Then a web site that hosts your blog.  Wordpress is hosted by Blue Host.

3) Then you pay for other services like 1) that that keep spam out, 2) tell you how many people are viewing the blog and 3) where in the world they are viewing it.

4) You also pay a company 1) to host your blog, 2) for use of the name and 3) protection for yourself from the site being hacked and brought down and to protect those who access it from being compromised by virus.  Under Blue Host they have Sitelock to protect the blog and those who visit it.  As I have said before, they say that religious blogs are the most targeted blogs.  Then if you happen to be a strong believing Catholic blog, all the more so.

It all started a few days ago I was sent an email telling me that the fees for Blue Host (host for WordPress and for the domain) were coming due.  So I contacted them.  They explained that they have a package that would save me some money that pays for the above as well as the Sitelock protection.
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In order for them to install Sitelock, I had to cancel my own contract with Sitelock.  I did, but there was still a firewall that was directing my blog to some other place.  Finally, after two days, I have the new contract with Blue Host and Sitelock completed.

I want to encourage all of you young Catholic techies out there who care about what is happening in the Holy Catholic Church today, to blog.  You do not need to know everything.  All you need to have are:

1) A deep faith in God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

2) Believe in the Bible.

3) Believe in the Catholic Church as the only completely true religion started by Jesus Christ.

4) Believe in all the 2000 years teachings given by Jesus to the Apostles and whom have handed it on faithfully to their successors.

5) Be praying and practicing your Catholic faith.

6) Observing what is happening at your parish, in your diocese, your country and the universal Church.
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7) Love God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength and love His Holy Catholic Church.  Because of your love for God you do not want to offend Him or see others offend Him.

8) Care about the salvation of every soul and realizing the value of each soul created and redeemed by Jesus Christ on the Cross.

9) Not wanting any soul to be damned for all eternity.

10) You are trying to learn as much as you can so as to always put on your blog only Catholic Truth.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be using our lives, with God’s help to save souls.